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Posted on Oct 18, 2005 in Armchair Reading

Comments about the Nov. 2005 issue

By Gav Bowman

1. Another Great issue.
2. Though General MacArther may be the General of the Century I think the title Soldier of the Century goes to every service man/woman who paid the ultimate price in a problem caused mostly by dumb ass politicians from 1900-2000, the so called Great War is a prime example.
3. War College….L/C Leonhard’s comments  re:  "since the late 1980′ s  Americans have consistently prevailed in war."   America has not had to fight anybody who can fight worth a damn since the Vietnam War, the USAF has had no air challenge since then other than the odd skirmish with Libya and the Balkans and the ground forces have been fighting small scale incursions and the USN has had nothing to do other than fly support missions for the ground troops….. I have great respect for the people in uniform but I hope if we in the Western world ever get into a big shooting match that the US forces are are good as they think they are…


Gav Bowman ( Bow)
Victoria BC


Thanks for sharing your views with our readers.  I think point number 2 is very relevant as we lose more and more soldiers from "The Greatest Generation."  Like MacArthur, many of them are simply fading away… and we must not forget the living, even as they pass on to join their brothers in arms that died as heroes in the wars of the last century.

We appreciate your time and effort to send us your thoughts!

Brian King
Website Editor
Armchair General Magazine

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