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Posted on Jan 17, 2013 in Electronic Games

‘Combat Mission’ Video Tutorial 6 – How to Fight

By Armchair General

How to Fight: In Lt. Col. (ret) Jeffrey Paulding’s sixth and final video on tactics, we go to Sicily, using Combat Mission: Fortress Italy, to give on tips on “How to Fight.” Using examples from two battles in a river valley, this video focuses on key concepts, as well as the details of how to fight at squad level. We go over the use of area fire, the assault command, the importance of understanding ballistics, understanding match ups, and the use of terrain. A review and primer all at the same time, this video rounds out the series, while introducing the latest version of Combat Mission. Click here for more information on Combat Mission Tactics – Video Tutorial 6.



  1. Thanks for the CM series. It added to my play and I started with the original. I hope you do more in future as the series progresses

  2. beatiful series … please do not stop

  3. Yes!
    Please make more of these if you have the time.
    My Combat Mission skills have improved a great deal by absorbing these lessons.

  4. Dear Sir

    Thank you for the very interesting video series you created about realworld tactics in Combat Mission scenarios. As a former soldier myself – and addicted tactical gamer – I really liked your work that increased the challenge, fun, depth and immersion in CM.

    PLEASE do not stop your highly appreciated series and keep up your good work, sharing your knowledge with us grateful audience further on. Cheers!