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‘Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy’ Tactics – A Video Series

In the Combat Mission computer gaming series from soldiers react as their real-world counterparts would, and the game rewards the use of real-world tactics. In this series of how-to videos Lt. Col. (ret) Jeffrey Paulding, longtime gaming editor for Armchair General magazine, draws upon his 11 years as an active-duty infantry officer in the U.S. Army and a quarter-century of experience with computer wargames to help you maximize your tactical skills in Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy.

Armchair General Presents

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Tactics, Episode 1
Fire Superiority: In this first video Jeffrey Paulding examines Situational Analysis, Vulnerability, and Fire Superiority and how proper understanding of troops, their weapons and capabilities, combined with prior recon of terrain can help players acquire and sustain maximum fire superiority.

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Tactics, Episode 2
Attacking a Fortified Position: This tutorial takes viewers step-by-step through an attack on a fortified enemy position, the sort of brutal “stand-up-and-slug” action General Omar Bradley warned would be required in Normandy. It covers planning for the attack, movement to contact, how to use engineers, supporting fires, and combined arms most effectively and how to maneuver, in order to minimize your casualties in a difficult situation.

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Tactics, Episode 3
Key Principles of the Attack: Using two different battles—one from the American perspective, one from the German—the third tutorial in this series illustrates the concept of Find and Fix the enemy, then Destroy him by identifying and exploiting a weak spot. Covers use of engineers, artillery and Target Reference Points, calculating line of sight, probing, and making the best use of your most valuable assets, be they copious amounts of ammunition or Panther tanks.

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Tactics, Episode 4
Preparing a Fixed Defense:
In this fourth video of the Combat Mission Tactics series, using for the first time combat footage from Combat Mission – Commonwealth Forces, detailed steps are shown on how to set up a German fixed defense against a powerful British force of tanks and infantry. Using terrain analysis, we figure out where the British might attack and then plan a defense to stop them. A comprehensive discussion of the rationale behind the defense is followed by dramatic footage of how defense actually holds up under the British onslaught. Topics covered include obstacles, kill zones and target reference points.

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Tactics, Episode 5
Conducting a Defense: In this fifth video of the Combat Mission Tactics series we show how a German unit defends against a strong British attack of infantry and tanks in the hedgerow country of Normandy. The video takes you through the battle step-by-step, starting with the terrain analysis that forms the basis for the creation of the defensive plan. You then see how this engagement unfolds as the Germans match British attacks with their own counterattacks to stop the British forces short of their objectives. Topics include defense in depth, use of mortars in the direct fire mode, and the purpose of the counterattack.

Combat Mission Tactics, Episode 6
How to Fight: In this sixth and final video on tactics, we go to Sicily, using Combat Mission: Fortress Italy, to give on tips on “How to Fight.” Using examples from two battles in a river valley, this video focuses on key concepts, as well as the details of how to fight at squad level. We go over the use of area fire, the assault command, the importance of understanding ballistics, understanding match ups, and the use of terrain. A review and primer all at the same time, this video rounds out the series, while introducing the latest version of Combat Mission.