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Posted on Jan 27, 2006 in Books and Movies, Front Page Features

Robert’s Ridge – Book Review

This story should be made into a movie. Not because it is exciting, or gripping, or powerful, or realistic. It is certainly all of those things, and a real page-turner in book form. Instead, this story needs to find a mass media outlet so that the man on the street knows what allied armed forces are going through in the wastelands of the War on Terror.

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Posted on Jan 23, 2006 in Front Page Features

March 2006 Issue: Ulysses S Grant

All new for 2006, we have taken your suggestions and made the magazine even better. Not only do we have features on the future of warfare in the 21st Century, interactive battles set in the Civil War, and a piece on Hitler's Blunders...but now the magazine looks as smooth as it reads! See it Feb. 1st.

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Posted on Dec 16, 2005 in Books and Movies, Front Page Features

Thieves of Baghdad – Book Review

Thieves of Baghdad is the perfect volume to pick up if your recent reading material has placed you in a bit of a rut. It is one of those rare books that will keep you guessing as to what lies ahead on the next page (or even paragraph). It is a book that will inform, entertain, and make you think. Is there anything more you would want from a book?

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