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Posted on Jan 28, 2006 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Web Links for the January 2006 Issue

Jim H. Moreno

Welcome to WebOps, Armchair General’s first website column! My mission: to bring you the best military history and related websites I can find. Every issue of Armchair General holds a wealth of military historical knowledge, all neatly packaged in an easily accessible format. The Internet and World Wide Web also hold vast amounts of like information, but not always so convenient or user-friendly. That’s where I come in, with links that hopefully make finding the military history you’re looking for online as simple as reading our magazine. And I don’t charge you for a subscription!

Kicking 2006 off with a resounding salute to military history on the Internet, this issue of WebOps is stuffed haversack heavy with links from throughout the entire January issue of Armchair General! Did you also happen to notice the increase in website listings connecting the printed magazine to the world wide web? If my counting is correct, there are thirty-four websites listed. You can expect this trend to continue throughout the other magazine issues this year, and you can continue to read WebOps to find them all only a mouse click away!



Barents Road


"Rick" Rescorla’s Remarkable Life

The Richard C. Rescorla Memorial Foundation

Jump Into History!

Airborne & Special Operations Museum

60 Years Old and Still Flying!

The Sally B Website

Historic Battleships Open to Visitors

Battleship Cove

Battleship New Jersey

Hampton Roads Naval Museum

Battleship U.S.S. Alabama

Battleship USS Texas

Battleship TEXAS State Historic Site

Historic Ships Memorial at Pacific Square

Bay View Charters

Battleship Missouri Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

Remember the Holocaust

USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education


Military History Press

Commander Dossier: Admiral Raymond Ames Spruance

U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation

Naval Historical Center

Weapon Files

The Aviation History Online Museum

The Douglas SBD Dauntless Site

Battle of Midway Models

History For Sale: How To Collect Militaria 101

Advance Guard Militaria

Age of Kings Militaria

Collect Russia

The Collector’s Guild

The Ruptured Duck

Militaria Collector’s Network

German Daggers

Steel Pots: The History of America’s Combat Helmets

Russian Helmets: From Kaska to Stalshlyem 1916-2001

Battlefield Leader

The "Sailor’s Admiral" – Chester W. Nimitz

Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Employment of Naval Forces

Battle of Leyte Gulf

Adm. Nimitz Lectureship

National Museum of the Pacific War

Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients – Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz


Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

Jim H. Moreno

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