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Posted on Sep 29, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Carcassone Castle

Armchair General

Thumb_Carcassone_029.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_022.JPG

Here are a couple of shots showing the exterior side of first the inner, then the outer curtain wall.

Thumb_Carcassone_023.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_030.JPG

The dry moat continues around this side of the castle – and to the right, we can see two different types of tower sitting on this edge of the perimeter wall.


Thumb_Carcassone_032.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_033.JPG

Here’s a view up the northern list and one facing the other way where we can se the bulge of the large tower which presumably was used to house guns.

Thumb_Carcassone_034.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_035.JPG

Full circle – here are two views looking towards the Narbonne Gate from the southern side of the central list.

Thumb_Carcassone_036.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_037.JPG

Baking in the hot sun, the towers look as splendid as ever, despite some of the construction here being nearly 2,000 years old.


Thumb_Carcassone_039.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_040.JPG

The walls contain many interesting features, the most obvious of which are the arrow slits for defending archers as can be seen here. Both of these pictures show the internal curtain wall surrounding the city, and were taken from within the southern list. To the right, a ramped walkway leads inside to the city itself.

Thumb_Carcassone_041.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_042.JPG

And within, we see a marvellous Cathedral, the spiritual home of the city with ornate stained glass windows and flying buttresses.

Thumb_Carcassone_043.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_046.JPG

Alas, I had no time to venture inside this magnificent structure.

Thumb_Carcassone_045.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_047.JPG

The City itself consists of several dozen narrow winding streets leading to many houses, shops and courtyards containing restaurants.

Thumb_Carcassone_048.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_017.JPG

This picture was taken just inside the Narbonne Gate and shows how narrow those old streets were built.


To round us off, here’s another picture of yours truly, wishing he had put some more time aside to visit this incredible piece of architecture, and vowing to return again one day…

Thumb_Carcassone_049.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_002.JPG

A J Summersgill

To view the complete set of images from my visit, go to the ACG image gallery here.

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