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Posted on Sep 29, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Carcassone Castle

Armchair General

Within the city walls, modern additions make some of the battlements safe for visiting tourists whilst other areas await their turn to be renovated. Some of the towers have modern scaffolding around them as they are restored and rebuilt.

Thumb_Carcassone_013.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_044.JPG

The picture on the right shows the intricate internal construction within one of the main entrance towers of the Narbonne Gate.


Thumb_Carcassone_018.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_012.JPG

Through the winding streets I chanced upon a lady giving out leaflets for a display of medieval torture equipment. I didn’t hesitate in handing over my money to go inside and take a look. Alas, they didn’t allow photos inside, so I cannot show you the delights of the Iron Maiden, the thumbscrews, the skullcrusher or the rack, but I was able to snap some pictures outside and proudly present to you Madam Guillotine and a hanging cage for suspending prisoners without food…

Thumb_Carcassone_014.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_015.JPG

Upstairs as part of the same exhibition, detailed models of castles throughout this region of France were displayed.


Here are two views looking north across the lists

Thumb_Carcassone_019.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_020.JPG

Aha! Here I am displaying my ACG by one of the battlements. As for the second picture, well, I just found the sign amusing.

Thumb_Carcassone_024.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_021.JPG

A view through one of the slits provided for defending archers. Look at the thickness of the walls!


Here’s a view up one of the lists on the northern side of the city. The picture on the right shows a walkway down to the base of one of the massive towers on this side of the castle.

Thumb_Carcassone_025.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_026.JPG

The picture on the left here amply demonstrates the foundation of the inner perimeter as it leads up to support the list above it. The angle of the wall would also presumably have the added bonus of deflecting any incoming fire. muc like modern armour plate.

Thumb_Carcassone_028.JPG Thumb_Carcassone_031.JPG

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