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Posted on Mar 4, 2008 in Armchair Reading

May 2008 Issue: Ike’s Blueprint For Victory

Armchair General

May 2008 Contents

Click the above for the full index of our May Issue. On news stands around March 18th, 2008.

Roots of Dreadnought

May 2008 Mailbag

Envelopes from May 2008 Mailbag

May 2008 Play It!



As always, our Interactive section features new challenges to overcome

Plus of course all your favorite features

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1 Comment

  1. General Dallaire asks Dr. Morelock:

    I wish to refer to the article on page 42 of the May 2008 Armchair General entitled Ike’s Blueprint For victory.

    Specifically, I refer you to the last paras on page 49 where you argue that the education and training of general officers must continue once they put their stars on.

    I have been involved in the Canadian reforms of our Officer Corps and would like to know what other reference you might have to defend this assertion or requirement of general officers to be effective coalition commanders.

    Are the Americans,Brits, the French, the Germans or other national militaries pursuing such a development concept for their general officers in this time of complex and ambiguous missions?