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Posted on Mar 14, 2008 in Armchair Reading

May 2008 Play It!

Armchair General

YOU COMMAND Surigao Straits, 1944 Test your decision-making skills as a Japanese naval commander takes on the U.S. fleet in World War II.

If Naval warfare is your thing, then our recommendations for recreating this action are Sea Battle by Intellivision, circa 1982 – recommended by our Web Editor as "The greatest sea fighting game ever!". You might also like to try Leyte Gulf by Avalanche Press.

TIPPING POINTS Carriers Trump Battlewagons Acclaimed historian Bevin Alexander looks at carrier warfare.

For this scenario, Carriers at War by SSG came immediately to the mind of one of our Web Staff, as well as War in the Pacific by 2B3/Matrix. If a more mainstream approach is desired, we would also recommend Pacific Storm by Buka and Battlestations Midway by Eidos.


FEATURE ARTICLE 1 Desert Fox in Normandy Rommel’s “tank battle” determined Germany’s fate in 1944.

For PC gamers out there, you can’t really go wrong with Battles in Normandy by SSG or the Normandy Rommel 44 scenario in TOAW3 by Matrix Games. If you’re a Boardgamer, try your hand at June 6 – D-Day 1944 by GMT and/or The Killing Ground by NES.

INTERACTIVE COMBAT! Apache Ambush, 1882. Choose the correct course of action as cavalrymen battle Apache warriors.

Try this Civil War era scenario for (Wargame Construction Set 3) Age of Rifles called Apache Pass.

HARD CHOICES On to the Yalu! President Harry Truman’s fateful Korean War decision.

For battles on the Korean peninsular, try Korea – The Forgotten War by MMP/The Gamers, The Korean War by Victory Games or Yalu by GDW. Alas, all of these are unfortunately out of print, but second hand copies may be available. Alternatively, you can play Squad Battles 5: The Korean War by HPS or Korea 50-51, the classic Norm Korger scenario for TOAW.

Play on!

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  1. Looking to get a copy of “Korea, the forgotten war” BNR