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Posted on Sep 11, 2007 in Electronic Games, Front Page Features

BA 2: Secret Missions of WWII – Planes and Weapons Package

By Jim H. Moreno


Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII is an intense action-adventure air combat game that takes place during World War II. The players lead an elite undercover squad of pilots secretly created by the American government to execute Operation Wildcard. The squad’s mission is to sabotage and destroy the Third Reich’s evil plans to create a weapon of mass destruction. During this mission, players discover that the enemies also have an elite team of their own. In an attempt to disarm the enemy, players engage in dramatic and movie-like spy missions in some of the world’s most exotic locations, using experimental weapons and flying never-before-seen prototype aircraft.


Location: Baltic Sea
Plane: Gotha Go 229
Weapon: Tesla Coil

Historical background: This prototype flying-wing fighter/bomber was a revolutionary concept and decades ahead of its time. Produced with the purpose of meeting Herman Goring’s very tough demands, it managed to achieve exceptional speed, maneuverability and carrying capacity, but wasn’t finished in time to take part in the war.

Gameplay: Versatile and exceptional both in terms of performances and armament, the Go 229 is one of the top planes in the game and will certainly become one of the multiplayer favorites.

Weapon: Tesla Coil: This is a very powerful defensive weapon that discharges a disruptive electrical current in the air around the plane, incapacitating any enemy aircraft on a radius, for a brief period of time. It does not actually deal damage, but the incapacitated enemies become easy targets for conventional weapons, not to mention that they have a high chance of crashing into an obstacle.

Location: Cairo
Plane: DH Vampire F Mk1
Weapon: Flash Blinder

Historical background: A more advanced jet-powered British aircraft than the Meteor, the Vampire was the second jet in RAF service and set many aviation records in its time. It didn’t see combat during World War II, but was in use for a long time after it, serving in RAF until 1955.

Gameplay: The Vampire is an exceptional fighter that can go toe to toe against even the most advanced Axis aircraft and end up on the winning side. It can also be used as a ground attack platform.

Weapon: Flash Blinder: This is a defensive weapon consisting of a number of powerful flashbulbs attached to the rear of the plane’s wings. When the system is fired, the flashbulbs light up, momentarily blinding anyone behind the plane and helping the pilot shake his pursuers.

Location: Rome
Plane: J7W Shinden
Weapon: High Velocity Cannon

Historical background: Japan’s most advanced aircraft of the war, the Shinden was a very fast, but also maneuverable interceptor. Its design was quite unique, with the wings in canard configuration and the propeller on the rear, in a pusher position. Its impact on the war was minimal though, because it came too late to help counter the Superfortress threat it was designed to defeat.

Gameplay: “Glass cannon” is perhaps the best description of the Shinden. Its unrivalled maneuverability and firepower make it a deadly opponent, but the low durability means it can be shot down in an instant.

Weapon: High Velocity Cannon: Late in the war, the more and more well defended and heavily armored strategic bombers made it a necessity for fighters to bring heavier weaponry into the fray. A number of large caliber weapons (like the Mk 103, a 30mm, high muzzle velocity German cannon) were developed. Due to the high projectile speed, the large caliber and the armor piercing ammo, high velocity cannons act almost like sniper rifles, allowing instant kills and sometimes multiple kills, as the projectiles can penetrate several targets in a row.

Location: German Bavarian Alps
Plane: Do-335
Weapon: TV guided missiles

Historical background: A heavy fighter with a unique “push-pull” design (one engine at the front and one at the back), the Do-35 was perhaps the most advanced propeller-driven aircraft of the war and was the dream of many German pilots. However, repeated production delays meant that very few of them were ever made.

Gameplay: The unusual design provides the Do-335 with incredible maneuverability, which, coupled with the excellent speed for a propeller plane, makes it a very good fighter.

Weapon: TV guided missiles: These are manually guided missiles that can be used to attack long-distance targets with perfect accuracy. They were primarily developed to be used against ships and other large targets, but they can be detonated in mid-air at the press of a button, so skilled pilots can even use them in air combat, sometimes taking out more than one enemy with a single missile blast. The only drawback is that, while the pilot is directing the missile, he cannot control his plane, which becomes an easy target.

Location: Swiss
Plane: Me-262
Weapon: Stun Smoke

Historical background: Me-262 was the first jet fighter to see wide use during World War II and, as such, can be credited with opening a new era in aviation. Its speed allowed it to stay out of the range of propeller fighters and its powerful armament could devastate American bomber formations.

Gameplay: Me-262 is an early jet fighter and a good all-rounder. Even though later models have better performances in many areas, the 262 still can stand up to them with surprising effectiveness.

Weapon: Stun Smoke: This defensive weapon leaves behind a trail of vapor that has the effect of stopping combustion, causing any aircraft flying through it to choke and lose all engine power. The engine of the victim aircraft restarts after some seconds of being away from the vapor, but there is enough time for the player who has used the Stun Smoke to turn and catch his opponent defenseless. Of course, since the smoke is visible, it can be avoided, but avoiding the smoke makes it much harder to target the aircraft that uses it, so it remains a very useful defensive mechanism.

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