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Posted on Sep 11, 2007 in Armchair Reading

ACG Magazine November 2007 Links

Armchair General


Publisher’s Note – Get Connected (Page 4)

Operation Gratitude

Letters (page 8)

LST 325

Dispatches (Page 14)

National World War II Museum

National World War II Memorial

National Aviation Hall of Fame

Henry V Commander Dossier


Weapon Files – The Longbow

National Museum of the Marine Corps

Gear (Page 21)




Helly Hansen


Lawrence of Arabia (Page 46)

USMC Counter-Insurgency Field Manual

The Real History of the Vietnam War (Page 54)

10 Questions for General Hal Moore

Tet With Tanks – The NVA Easter Offensive, 1972

In Country: The Vietnam War on DVD

Play It!

Game Buzz (Page 86)

Strategy First – Publishers of Great Invasions

Paradox – Publishers of Frontline: Fields of Thunder

Codemasters – Publishers of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

CDV – Attack on Pearl Harbor

Matrix Games – Publishers of Close Combat: Cross of Iron

Battlefront – Publishers of Combat Mission: Shockforce

Armchair General Forums

Video Game Revew (Page 88)

Ubisoft – Publishers of Ghost recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Wargame Review (Page 90)

Matrix Games – Publishers of Close Combat: Cross of Iron

CSO Simtek – Developers of Close Combat: Cross of Iron

Ubisoft – Publishers and Developers of Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific

Bookshelf (Page 92)

10 Questions for Geoffrey C. Ward


Empire Earth III


Fisher House

America’s Army

Blazing Angels 2

The War Online Contest

Armchair General Newsletter

Muscle Builder Advanced

Norwich University

Civilian Markmanship Program

CDV – Attack on Pearl Harbor

Osprey Publishing

Jim Werbaneth Wargame Design

Insurance for Military Collectibles

First Empire

Figarti Miniatures

World in Conflict

PBS – The War

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