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Armchair General Newsletters

New for 2009! We have discontinued the Armchair General Intel.  Instead, we offer a unified newsletter which includes,, and  This is an easy way to learn all about the entire Weider History network of sites.  The General Intel is now part of a larger family! Sign up for the new newsletter here!

Welcome to the archive of Armchair General Intels, the official newsletter of the website for Armchair General magazine.  We offer each issue in the original HTML format as well as a convenient one-sheet PDF version.  This archive represents the previously released newsletters (now discontinued).

intel_01_2009.html    Jan 2009 newsletter
intel_02_2009.html    Feb 2009 newsletter
intel_03_2009.html    Mar 2009 newsletter
intel_04_09_2009.html    Apr 2009 newsletter
intel_02_2008.html    Feb 2008 newsletter
intel_02_2008.pdf   Feb 2008 newsletter in PDF format
intel_03_2008.html    Mar 2008 newsletter
intel_04_2008.html    Apr 2008 newsletter
intel_06_2008.html    May/June 2008 newsletter
intel_08_2008.html    July/August 2008 newsletter
intel_10_2008.html    Sept/Oct 2008 newsletter
intel_10_2008#2.html    Sept/Oct 2008 newsletter #2
intel_11_2008.html    November 2008 Flash Traffic
intel_02_2007.html    Feb 2007 newsletter (inaugural issue)
intel_02_2007.pdf    Feb 2007 newsletter in PDF format
intel_03_2007.html    Mar 2007 newsletter
intel_03_2007.pdf    Mar 2007 newsletter in PDF format
intel_04_2007.html    Apr 2007 newsletter
intel_04_2007.pdf    Apr 2007 newsletter in PDF format
intel_05_2007.html    May 2007 newsletter
intel_05_2007.pdf    May 2007 newsletter in PDF format
intel_06_2007.html    June 2007 newsletter
intel_06_2007.pdf    June 2007 newsletter in PDF format
intel_07_2007.html    July 2007 newsletter
intel_07_2007.pdf    July 2007 newsletter in PDF format
intel_08_2007.html    August 2007 newsletter
intel_08_2007.pdf    August 2007 newsletter in PDF format
intel_09_2007.html    September 2007 newsletter
intel_09_2007.pdf    September 2007 newsletter in PDF format
intel_10_2007.html    Oct-Nov 2007 newsletter
intel_10_2007.pdf    Oct-Nov 2007 newsletter in PDF format
intel_12_2007.html    Dec 2007/Jan 2008 newsletter
intel_12_2007.pdf    Dec 2007/Jan 2008 newsletter in PDF format