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Posted on Nov 12, 2007 in Armchair Reading

ACG Magazine January 2008 Links

Armchair General


Mailbag (page 8)

Band of Brothers Tour

Sergeant York Fought Here!

Dispatches (Page 14)

Pin-ups for the Troops

For the Troops Online

Gear (Page 21)







Legendary Combat Units – The Big Red One (Page 26)

Official Unit Website

Society of the 1st Infantry Division

Badges of Honor – Germany’s Iron Cross (Page 30)

Collectors’ Guild

Detlev Niemann

The Ruptured Duck

Wehmacht Awards

Leadership – General Douglas MacArthur (Page 38)

MacArthur Memorial

Guderian (Page 50)

Wikipedia Entry

Achtung Panzer!

History Learning Site

Game Buzz (Page 86)

Wizards of the Coast – publishers of Axis and Allies Naval Miniatures

Fantasy Flight Games – publishers of Tide of Iron

GMT Games – publishers of Combat Commander

Days of Wonder – publishers of BattleLore

Rainbow Six Vegas

Activision – publishers of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Video Game Revew (Page 88)

HPS Simulations – publishers of Soviet-Afghan War

Manifesto Games – publishers of PeaceMaker

Wargame Review (Page 90)

HPS Simulations – publishers and developers of Punic Wars: Ancient Warfare

Battlefront – publishers and developers of Combat Mission: Shock Force

Bookshelf (Page 92)

Aberjona Press

Casemate Publishing

Combat Studies Institute Press

Greenhill Books

Osprey Publishing

Pen & Sword

Savas Beattie

University Press of Kansas

Zenith Press


Empire Earth III

Savas Beattie

Civilian Markmanship Program

Activision – Publisher of Battle for the Pacific

Naval Institute Press

Armchair General Newsletter

Axis and Allies Miniatures

Axis and Allies Guadalcanal

PBS – The War

Osprey Publishing


Muscle Builder Advanced

Norwich University

First Empire

Insurance for Military Collectibles

Figarti Miniatures

Great Battles of Rome

Ace Combat 6


Fisher House

America’s Army

Blazing Angels 2

The War Online Contest

Armchair General Newsletter

CDV – Attack on Pearl Harbor

Jim Werbaneth Wargame Design

World in Conflict

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