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Posted on Sep 18, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

ACG at the 2006 War and Peace Show

By Simon Delaney

The Armchair General team arrived at the War and Peace show in Kent, England with several aims. Firstly, we wanted to spread the gospel according to the ‘General’ and we wanted to manufacture a small ‘film set’ to industry standards, which we could use to raise interest from visitors and re-enactors alike, and also demonstrate the quality of the environment that we shoot our reconstruction photos in.



US defensive earthworks looked good with well thought out placing of associated equipment for the spectator.


Vietnam era machine gun posts gets photographed as I photographed it!



Three ‘Tommies’ populate the rear of the C8. They were certainly dressed correctly for the weather!

Good detail for modellers of Halftracks here showing how the rust lines run down the rear door. Well laden with stores yet not overdone.

With this aim in mind we rolled up on the Saturday before the event commenced to set up our stand, as many other traders and re-enactors do. Once installed in our well-known pitch between the beer tent (handy!) and the modelling tent (all those photo- etched parts to drool over!), and within easy reach of the toilet and shower block (ideal for several reasons!) we pitched the tent and started to lay out the materials to make an Italian courtyard for our 43-44 Italian campaign shoot.



Nice to see a bit of colour amongst all the OD. Good contrast between the sizes of these vehicles too.

Truckstop. Good dioramic effect here with even vintage Coke bottles in evidence.


Briefing time at the 514th.

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