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Posted on Sep 18, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

ACG at the 2006 War and Peace Show

By Simon Delaney

The second task was to introduce new readers to Armchair General magazine. This was achieved by handing out complimentary copies to as many visitors as we could, and also to have copies on the stand which we gave away when people came by to ask questions about the magazine. Poster sized versions of photos used in ACG adorned the stand and brought a lot of favourable comments.

beltring06_014.jpg beltring06_015.jpg
Realistically camouflaged Kubel buzzes out of the arena. Plenty going on in this German section with trucks, anti-aircraft guns and hospital area/nurses just to start with.

beltring06_020.jpg beltring06_021.jpg
Humber Pig in bronze green stood out amongst the WW2 hardware. Morris C8 in desert colours.

What about the show then?

This year’s W & P event was up to its usual standard. There was the notable absence of the 2nd Armored Group who were on a continental trip that unfortunately co-incided with the event. However, there was still plenty of unusual hardware to get excited about and no matter how long you stayed at the event, you still never felt as if you’d seen it all!




Austin ‘Tilly’ pickup and Humber 15 cwt truck demonstrate what the British Army could call in early in the War.

British 30 Corps Royal Signals markings and ‘Mickey Mouse’ pattern camo made this little vehicle really stand out.

British desert 8th Army re-enactors made a change from all the
European theatre soldiers.

One vehicle which really got my attention was Rommel’s staff car staff car from the Western Desert, a Horch Feldmarschall Cabriolet (Kfz 21). Fully restored by Michael Gibb and the SdKfz Military Vehicle Foundation. Another one-off feature of the show was that a long-time contributor to War and Peace, Aces High Fine Art, had organised a number of World War II veterans from ‘Band of Brothers’ Easy Company including Don Malarkey, Buck Compton and Forrest Guth who were flown over from the United States especially for this event.

beltring06_018.jpg beltring06_019.jpg
Nice to see an RAF marked truck too. Snow scenes were popular this year, and this one even featured a road kill!

The Great War Society had a fine display which
caught my eye.  Simple yet effect use of
tents and equipment made a lot of people stop.

The trade stands overflowed with uniforms, paperwork and equipment. Vehicle parts and accessories were in evidence and even the opportunity to buy a new tent or even a swimming pool was available. The latter was a choice which many people gladly gave up their cash for!! It sure was a hot week!

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