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Posted on Nov 17, 2008 in Boardgames

50 Great Battles and the Games They Inspired

By Armchair General

The January 2009 issue of Armchair General magazine features an article titled "50 Battles That Shaped Our World." The ACG staff compiled this list of simulations that allow you to see how you would handle an army in these great battles of history. The list is nowhere near exhaustive. We attempted to list games that are currently in print or relatively easy to find if they are out of print (OoP). Computer games are identified by the letters PC and board games by BG after their name.

Ancient World 
MARATHONAge of Battles: Battle of Marathon BG (Zvezda)
SALAMISGalley Battles: From Salamis to Actium PC (Shrapnel Games); "Salamis" expansion module for War Galley BG (GMT Games)
GAUGAMELA0 A.D., "Gaugamela" scenario online game (Wildfire Games)
CANNAEAncient Warfare: Punic Wars PC (HPS Simulation); Battles of the Ancient World BG (Decision Games)
TEUTOBURGER WALDBattles of the Ancient World BG (Decision Games)


Medieval Medieval: Total War and Medieval II: Total War (Activision) cover many of these scenarios.
HASTINGSMen at Arms BG (Strategy & Tactics magazine # 137, OoP)
LAKE PEIPUSAge of Battles: Battle of Lake Peipus BG (Zvezda)
AGINCOURT  – Men at Arms BG (Strategy & Tactics magazine # 137, OoP)
CONSTANTINOPLEConstantinople BG (Strategy & Tactics magazine # 66, OoP)
SPANISH ARMADAArmada, 2nd Edition (SPI; OoP)

Pike and MusketCossacks: European Wars PC (CDV Software) and Age of Empires 3 PC (Microsoft) offer the opportunity to play several of these battles.
BLENHEIMBlenheim BG (The Wargamer magazine #4, OoP)
POLTAVAPoltava BG (appeared in Combat! magazine Jan/Feb 1979, OoP)
QUEBECQuebec 1759 BG (Columbia Games)
YORKTOWNYorktown BG (International Team, OoP)

NapoleonicThe Operational Art of War III PC (Matrix Games) allows players to fight batlles from the Napoleonic Period to Modern Times. Cossacks 2: Napoleonic Wars PC (CDV Software) and John Tiller’s Battleground Napoleonic Wars PC (Matrix Games) cover most of these battles as well.
TRAFALGARTrafalgar BG (Action Games and Toys Ltd)
AUSTERLITZLe Grande Armee at Austerliz PC (Matrix Games); Napoleonic Battles: Austerlitz BG (Avalanche Press)
BORODINOBorodino BG (GMT Games)
WATERLOOWaterloo: Fate of France BG (L2 Design Group)

Late 19th Century
GETTYSBURG – "Gettysburg" scenario John Tiller’s Battleground American Civil War PC (Matrix Games); Gettysburg BG (Avalon Hill, OoP)
VICKSBURGVicksburg BG (Schutze Games)
SEDANThe Sedan Campaign, 1870 BG (Strategy & Tactics magazine # 224)
TSUSHIMAThe Battle of Tsushima PC (HPS Simulations) "Tsushima" scenario, The Russo-Japanese War: Dawn of the Rising Sun BG (Clash of Arms Games)

World War I
VERDUNWorld War I, 1916 scenario PC (AGEOD); They Shall Not Pass: The Battle of Verdun, 1916 BG (Avalanche Press)
JUTLANDJutland PC (HPS Simulation) Great War at Sea: Jutland BG (Avalanche Press)
THE SOMMEWorld War I, 1916 scenario PC (AGEOD); First Day of the Somme BG (Panzerschreck magazine #5, OoP)

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  1. Do you guys hate GMT games, they are still publishing many boardgames that cover quite a few of the battles listed.


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