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Posted on Nov 17, 2008 in Boardgames

50 Great Battles and the Games They Inspired

By Armchair General

World War II Most of the land battles can be played with The Operational Art of War III PC (Matrix Games).
BATTLE OF THE ATLANTICWar at Sea BG (Avalon Hill, OoP)
BATTLE OF BRITAINBattle of Britain II: Wings of Victory PC (Shockwave Productions); Battle of Britain BG (Call Sign 7)
MOSCOWTheater of War: Battle for Moscow PC (; Drive on Moscow BG (Strategy & Tactics # 244)
MIDWAYBattlestations Midway PC (Eidos Interactive); Midway BG (Avalon Hill, OoP)
STALINGRADPanzer Campaigns: Stalingrad ’42 PC (HPS); Storm Over Stalingrad BG (Multiman Publishing)
EL ALAMEINDesert Duel: First Alamein BG (Against the Odds)
KURSKDrive on Kursk: July 1943 BG (Strategy & Tactics magazine # 253)
D-DAYD-Day: The Great Crusade BG (Moments in History/Critical Hit)
LEYTE GULFSecond World War at Sea: Leyte Gulf (Avalanche Press)
AIR CAMPAIGN AGAINST JAPANB-29 Superfortress BG (Khyber Pass Games)
OKINAWA – "Okinawa scenario," Island War BG (SPI, OoP)
BERLINATS – Berlin: Red Victory BG (Critical Hit)


Post–World War II – All but the Cold War can be played using The Operational Art of War III PC (Matrix Games)
COLD WARCold War PC (Dreamcatcher Games); Twilight Struggle BG (GMT, OoP)
ISRAELI WAR OF INDEPENDENCEIsraeli Independence BG (Victory Point Games)
INCHON INVASIONInchon, MacArthur’s Gambit BG (Command magazine # 9, OoP)
DIEN BIEN PHUATS Dien Bien Phu BG (Critcal Hit)
WAR ON TERRORWar on Terror BG (Terrorbull Games)

Do you have any favorite games on these topics that we missed? Tell us in the Comments below.

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  1. Do you guys hate GMT games, they are still publishing many boardgames that cover quite a few of the battles listed.


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