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Posted on Jul 21, 2006 in Electronic Games, Front Page Features

Advanced Warfighter – Game Review (XBox 360)

By Richard Bledsoe


The next-generation graphics look astounding on screenshots, but being that I reviewed it on a lowly 19" normal TV, the game still looked good enough for me without being at a high resolution. Uniforms look amazing and the hot Central American sun gleams and blinds you, especially when it reflects off of the windows of a tall office building. Did I mention the tall downtown office buildings? Scenes are beautifully rendered as you ride in your Blackhawk over the city and see signs of battle, other choppers in the air and the vast sprawl before you. Weapon fire is bright and rattles the screen when you return fire, your uniform and equipment rattles and shakes with your movement. During some heated firefights the game appears to run slightly slower. Also, when you switch to thermal/night vision the game runs much more smoothly but you can no longer see the beautiful scenery.


The game’s intro movie shows many of the features in the game like the counter-sniping and the Cross-Com and runs like a Hollywood war movie (though the characters use XM-8s which aren’t used in the single player mode).

Grabbing Cover and preparing to fight


The TV I played on was Mono and therefore the sounds were muted, though that may be the game. But bullets make a satisfying whiz as they fly by and the cracks, crumps, and pings of the enemy bullets striking your cover makes you almost want to cringe and hide more. Usually, the characters in the game will speak to you and give you orders or add plot to the story, but I usually found myself in a firefight and ignoring what they were saying. The game also features a redone version of All Along the Watchtower as you cruise over the outskirts of the city in a briefing scene.

Documentation and Technical

Console game documentation isn’t the best but it usually gets the basics across to you and leaves the rest up to the training mission tutorials and the "Tips" section where some special features are covered in mini-videos and text. The game is supported through Xbox Live: Silver and you can download updates as they come out and buy and download map packs that will most likely get released in the near future.

Armchair General Rating: 87%

52/60 — Gameplay
19/20 — Graphics
08/10 — Sound
08/10 — Documentation and Technical

Pros: Like Ghost Recon 2 it will give you a good amount of action and the graphics are beautiful.

Cons: Fans of the original Ghost Recon’s tactical strategy will have to keep looking.

Bottom Line: A good step for the franchise into the next-gen arena. But beware the PS2 and X-Box versions – they are extremely cut down from their PC and 360 brethren.



Ghost Recon

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