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Posted on Apr 8, 2009 in Admin

Writing Game Reviews for ArmchairGeneral

Gerald D. Swick

Before attempting to write a review for, please read several of our current reviews to get a feel for style, format and content.

What Seeks in Game Reviewers
Writers should be above-average writers whose work requires minimal editing and reflects a good working knowledge of grammar, spelling and punctuation. They should be knowledgeable about games and gaming and give a fair review based on the game itself, rather than one based purely on personal preferences. They must be capable of conducting sufficient playtests and writing the review within a reasonable amount of time; gamers want to know about new releases now, not six months or a year from now.

How to Become a Reviewer
Submit a review on a game of your choice (for these purposes it can be an older game), in order to provide our editors with a sense of your style and abilities. The review must reflect our guidelines; click here for Game Reviewers Guidelines. Send your sample review to


Writers whose sample submissions meet our standards will be contacted about writing actual reviews for publication, and will be added to our list to be notified about future releases that need reviewers.