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Posted on May 5, 2010 in Electronic Games

Wings of Prey – PC Game Review

By Singleton Mosby

Flight-sims attract two distinctly different audiences, and only the arcade lovers will be 100% happy. Overall, though, Wings of Prey is a very enjoyable game.

It suffers from some minor problems, the biggest being the gap between Arcade mode, which is fun but not all that satisfying for experienced gamers, and Realistic mode, which has a steep learning curve. The game makes up for this, however, with beautifully polished graphics, thrilling aerial combat, loads of missions and a good complement of detailed aircraft.

Armchair General score: 85%

About the author:

" Singleton Mosby" is the pseudonym of Mark Spierenburg, a gamer, writer, wine lover and longtime enthusiast but perhaps foremost an amateur historian. His main fields of interest are the American Civil War and the Napoleonic era, as well as near-Eastern and Mughal history. At college he spent more time reading history books than paying attention in class and, thus, soon left school on an uncertain path. He now works at the office during the day and plays and writes about historical wargames at night. His Website is The Art of Armchair Warfare.  A glass of great wine, a fireplace blazing and Napoleon looking down. Life is a bliss.


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