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Posted on May 12, 2005 in Armchair Reading

What is Armchair General Magazine?

Editorial Staff

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This is not your father’s history magazine!

Armchair General is an interactive experience in military history and strategy. Our distinct editorial approach and powerful graphics create an engaging environment where the reader becomes the decision-maker. A magazine for the twenty-first century, Armchair General captures the imagination of readers who thrive on action, decision-making and who want to relive history.  We put the readers in command!

Readers can stand and fight in front of Moscow, re-live American Revolutionary battles,
and participate in many other diverse theaters of warfare and history. (click pictures to see You Command maps)



Plan well, fight the good fight, and you may find yourself honored in the magazine!

Who is our audience?

Our readers are educated, active men and women who have a passion for military history. They want to lead troops into battle (at least on paper)! They want to challenge and debate how key battles were fought. They visit battlefields because they want to touch history. They learn from the greatest military leaders.  They are decision makers!

Monthly features:

Battlefield Leader. Dedicated to the life and exploits of a great battlefield leader. Brings the leader’s personality alive with insights into both his strengths and weaknesses.

What Next General? An exciting and detailed description of an actual battle as seen through the eyes of one of the commanders. The reader is invited to step into the shoes of a great general and consider the challenging decisions in front of him.

Interactive Combat Story. A historically accurate six-part interactive fiction series with several decision points in every story. The outcome of the story depends on the reader’s decision.

Walk Where They Fought. Ever wonder what you’ll find at a historical battlefield?  Our experts scout the best routes and get you to where the action was!  An examination of the battle of yesterday helps us understand “Where They Fought” today.

What else will you find?

  • Dispatches – Factoids, news briefs, top ten lists, quotes and more.
  • Movie Reviews – Historical background for classic or upcoming military history films.
  • War game Reviews – Detailed analysis of a computer war game.
  • Video Game Reviews – Review of a popular military based video game.
  • War College – An intriguing and thought-provoking discussion of tactics and strategy by a renowned military author.
  • Tip of the Spear – A firsthand account of a true battle experience as told by a soldier on the front lines.
  • How They Fought – A powerful visual study of tactics over the ages featuring exclusive Armchair General recreation photography.
  • You Command – We put the reader in a battlefield situation with a tactical problem to solve. Readers send their solution to the ACG staff!

Each issue features plenty of Armchair General exclusive re-creation photography and custom battlefield maps.  These aren’t the same old black and white images you have seen hundreds of times!

Some of our issues also feature free bonus wargames available via download on our website.  These games are designed specifically for Armchair General readers!

Try it for yourself for FREE!

Subscribe now, and see if you don’t agree it is the best Military History magazine available!

Thank you for checking us out!

Other details

Armchair General magazine is a bi-monthly publication available by subscription or at major bookstores such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, Tower, Books a Million, B Dalton, Hastings, Shinders, Wal*Mart, and in most fine magazine retailers and hobby shops throughout the US and Canada.

If you still aren’t sure about a free trial, please contact us for additional details.  We are happy to help!