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Posted on May 16, 2008 in Boardgames

War College at Origins Game Fair

By Armchair General

SUNDAY 29 June

9:00 AM
Anticipating the Military Impact on Emerging Technology
All students of World War II know that the US blundered in not developing aircraft drop tanks for their fighters sooner. It was on their “to do list” but how could they have known before the fact that such tanks would actually be more important than all the other technologies above them on the list? More importantly, how can we avoid such blunders today? Matt Caffrey will discuss attempts to use wargaming to anticipate the military utility of technological options.

9:00 AM
Air and Space Power 2020
Projecting military power into air and space is more affected by technology than across any other domain. As the US military transforms, what shape will our forces in air and space take, and what capabilities will they provide to operators in all of the military domains – ground, air, space, maritime, and information? Former CHECKMATE planner Robert Blanke offers his take on where we might be as we start the third decade of the 21st century.


10:00 AM
Stalingrad, Part 4
David Glantz concludes his series with analysis of the Battle for Stalingrad’s factory district.

11:00 AM
Global Hot Spots and Flashpoints – 2008
Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, and Iran are all hotspots or flashpoints for conflict. What’s the current situation with each of these potential adversaries? What other flashpoints are there that could lead to conflict and what are the major threats in our future? LTC Jaime Laughrey examines the places where we might go to war or be called to in order to restore peace and stability.

What – WAS – the Greatest Tank Battle in History?
The best guess numbers are recorded to count. But what exactly constitutes a Tank-Battle? What kind of vehicle counts as a Tank? How does one define ONE BATTLE? How many days over how many miles with how many formations can one engagement be grouped together and still count as "THE Largest Tank Battle in History?" Our OWC subject matter experts’ opinions may differ slightly. Dana Lombardy will try to maintain some semblance of control over panelists David Glantz, Frank Chadwick, Pete Panzeri and Charles Sharp.

2:00 PM
How to Write History (Without Putting People to Sleep)
Aching to see your name as the author of a book or article about Austerlitz, War Plan Orange, or the value of Spanish moss to the Confederate cavalry? Stumped about how much research to do, how to approach an editor, or whether you can include humor in your historical writing? Whether you’re interested in writing military, social or political history, this is the seminar for you! Gerald Swick, Senior Online Editor for, explains the do’s and don’ts.

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