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Posted on Jul 5, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Update: Europe Aflame – Interactive Combat Story

By Shane Sohnle

Operation Seelowe (Sealion) – The German invasion of England has begun! Come join us on the forums to get the full story of how the battle progresses, as the Axis nations attempt to knock the United Kingdom out of the war, and swing the balance of power in Europe to their side.

"Reports show significant enemy troop movement towards our position, and the battle is already raging in the seas surrounding the landing zone. The vast majority of the Royal Navy is engaging our combined fleets, and losses have been heavy on both sides. We have strong local air superiority, as we have successfully rebased many squadrons of fighters to the island proper, to provide an air umbrella over our naval forces. The British, however, are attempting to interdict our air and bomb the bases we have taken, and our resources are being stretched very thin, although this must be true for our adversary as well."


The Europe Aflame – Interactive Combat Story (EA – ICS), is a combination of hard history, alternate history, wargaming, role playing, public discourse, and good old fashioned friendly rivalry. The combination will yield a dynamic story starting at the Polish border in 1939 and ending sometime in the future either at a fiery bunker in Berlin, or with a German victory parade in London or Moscow!

The story is driven by having you, the reader, actively participate in a recreation of World War II in Europe using a game as our foundation, and reader-submitted survey data to guide the German and Allied war machines through the course of this 6-year campaign. Given the benefits of hindsight, can you steer the Axis towards victory over the USA, Great Britain, the USSR, and all of Europe? You can become part of the German high command, giving orders on where, when and how to conquer Europe. You can also help the Allied Supreme Commander make decisions to help counter the Axis conquests, if you so choose…

So choose a side, and come join the fun!

Here are some helpful links:

The EA – ICS forum – where all the discussions take place.

Getting Started – a thread in the EA – ICS forum that explains how to participate.

Operation Seelowe – the AXIS thread detailing the invasion of England.

Operation Sealion – the ALLIED thread detailing the invasion of England.