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Posted on Sep 9, 2008 in Stuff We Like

Trivia 012: The Origins Challenge

By Armchair General

Armchair General and 10 other magazines of the Weider History Group sponsored trivia nights at Origins Game Fair 2008, drawing questions from the broad spectrum of history the magazines cover. Test your knowledge against these sample questions. Take The Origins Challenge.

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  1. I keep finding incredible things accomplished by members of my
    family whom I believe should be posted in one of your magazines.

    Samuel was a balloon pilot as well as first chief of the Army
    Aviation Division. He sent Airplanes to Mexico chasing Pancho

    “Another chapter in aerial achievement is recorded in the
    sending of a wireless message from an aeroplane…McCurdy.”
    This is the first wireless message sent from an aviator in flight to
    a receiving station on earth.

    J D A McCurdy, a pupil of Glenn H Curtiss was both aviator and
    sender and Harry M Horton acting under supervision of Major
    Samuel Reber of the U S signal corps, was the receiving operator.
    McCurdy had attached a key to his steering wheel.

    By Wireless ‘Phone from Arlington to Paris

    Owing to the fact that France is at war and that wireless is
    playing a most important part in the working out of the French
    military communication system, it was with extreme difficulty
    that officials were persuaded to permit the use of the 1,000 foot
    Eiffel Tower station at Paris for the receipt of the radiophone
    messages from Arlington. . . .

    In order that there could be no doubt of the genuineness of the
    tests, officers of the French Government, two or more of whom
    represented the army, were with Messrs. Shreeve and Curtis in
    Paris, while Colonel Samuel Reber, of the United States Army and
    other American army and navy officers watched intently the
    experiments at Arlington.

    Army Combat Photography – With the addition of photography
    as a Signal Corps function, the corps published a Manual of
    Photography, written by First Lieutenant Samuel Reber in 1896.–

    I have some articles and photos of Samuel Reber and his family.