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Posted on Feb 20, 2008 in History News

Top 10: American Military Missions

Armchair General

Top 10: American Military Missions (

These battles show the resiliency, heroism and unwavering tendency to flourish despite impossible odds burning in the hearts of America’s best men and women. These 10 American military missions represent what it means to be American and trace the shaping of world history by the world’s last standing superpower.

Number 10
The Battle of Bunker Hill – American Revolutionary War

Number 9
Operation Desert Storm – Gulf War

Number 8
The Battle of the Argonne Forest – WWI

Number 7
Battle of Pusan Perimeter – Korean War

Number 6
Battle of Inchon – Korean War

Number 5
Battle of Okinawa – WWII


Number 4
The Battle of Midway – WWII

Number 3
Invasion of Normandy – WWII

Number 2
The Battle of Iwo Jima – WWII

Number 1
Battle of Yorktown – American Revolutionary War