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Posted on Jun 8, 2007 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Theatre of War Walkthrough

Jim H. Moreno

Armchair General presents a four-part walkthrough on Theatre of War, the latest World War II RTS from Battlefront and 1C Company, hot on the heels of our own ACG review!

Training Mission 1: Basic Training

This first article covers some basic game mechanics such as how to select and move units, while the following three articles will dig deeper into tactical problems and how to solve them using realistic WW2 tactics (and how to execute them in the game).


Training Mission 2: Assault Tactics Primer

The focus in this tutorial mission is on assaulting fortified defensive positions, one of the most frequent – and most deadly – tasks the player and his virtual soldiers will have to face in the main campaign missions later on.

Training Mission 3: Defensive Tactics Primer

Now we get to experience an assault on a fortified position from the other point of view, namely that of the defender. The attacking Germans in this scenario will follow the same course of action as we did as attacker in the previous Training Mission – attempt to suppress our position frontally while using their tanks as mobile assets to exploit our flanks.

Training Mission 4: Command & Control

This time, the experiences and lessons of the first three training sessions all come together, and the player will have to learn to apply them to a fast changing and fluid battlefield, where he might be required to switch from offense to defense and back within a matter of minutes.