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Posted on Jan 21, 2020 in Boardgames, Front Page Features

Tap Your Inner Vampire with Masters of the Night now on Kick Starter!

Tap Your Inner Vampire with Masters of the Night now on Kick Starter!

Rick Martin

Ares Games’ Masters of the Night Now on Kick Starter!

Ares Games is most well known for their wonderful Wings of Glory, Sails of Glory and Battle Star Galactica tactical combat games but now Ares turns its attention to the vampires who haunt our dark dreams with their new design Masters of the Night!  This game is solo or co-operative with each player taking the role of a vampire. 

From Ares’ description: one to five players play on the same side and will either win or lose together. You play as members of a vampire clan slowly regaining their former power. With the help of your minions, you will fight against the agents of the Inquisition, cast fear into the hearts of the people with your hunts, and shape dread sigils in different city districts, all in preparation for the grand Blood Moon ritual that will confirm your grasp on the city and its fate. But beware, the longer you prepare for the ritual, the harder it will be to complete it. Your enemies are searching for you constantly and when they find you, even vampire magic may not stop them. 


So if you need a break from flying an Albatros or a Spitfire, you can become a vampire seeking to enslave humanity!

Check out their Kick Starter at: