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Posted on Nov 22, 2011 in Stuff We Like

Tanks ‘n’ Turkey 2011

Gerald D. Swick

Tanks and turkey—two things we can’t get enough of at Armchair General, especially on the week of Thanksgiving. Many of us will be using the long weekend to drive tanks into battle on our computers or consoles. Others will set up boardgames and invite friends over to digest new armor tactics and leftover turkey, while still others will be revving their Shermans’ engines in miniatures games with the clubs at the game store or at local conventions. Or maybe we’ll just kick back and read about some clash of armor.

To help you get in an appropriately t’ankful mood (Sorry; we couldn’t resist.), we’re running a series of three tank-game articles this week. Check back each day to see what new has been posted. You’ll also find a number of links to articles about tanks and tank battles that have been published on ACG and our partner site,


Flames of War at the Local Game Store, or My Tigers are Burning!

Tanking in Battlefield 3 and Red Orchestra 2

Tank on Tank: Boardgame Review

Recommended Reading
Tanks and Tankers in Korea, 1950

Yom Kippur War: Embattled Israeli Bridgehead at Chinese Farm

Tet with Tanks: The NVA Easter Offensive, 1972

Polish Cavalry Charges Tanks! The Myth That Will Not Die.

Kursk 1943

And if you’ve never visited this Website, check it out to find out what you’ve been missing!
Achtung Panzer! Website