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Posted on Mar 22, 2011 in Electronic Games

Crysis 2 – PC Game Review

Crysis 2.  PC Game Review.  Publisher: Electronic Arts.  Developer: Crytek.  $60  Passed Inspection: The Nanosuit makes gameplay exciting and thought-provoking. Campaign is fun. Best multiplayer of the year so far. Best graphics of any game. Excellent online leveling system. Failed Basic: Enemy AI isn’t challenging enough. Weak plot. Sections of the campaign should have time restraints but don’t. Having fun is the most important part of gaming. Recently, many titles seem to have forgotten about the fun, instead focusing on time-wasting virtual activities, social time with friends and strangers, building complicated stories and detailed characters, etc. Crysis 2 doesn’t waste it’s time on any of this gloss. Developer Crytek just made a game that is damn fun to play. Crysis 2 is built on the basic premise that a powerful suit of armor called the “Nanosuit” is the most powerful weapon in the game, more than any gun. As with the prior Crysis titles (Crysis and Crysis: Warhead) players enjoy traditional first-person shooter (FPS) gameplay while wearing this advanced...

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Posted on Feb 28, 2011 in Electronic Games

Dawn of War II: Retribution PC Game Preview

Dawn of War II: Retribution.  PC Game Preview.  Pubisher: THQ.  Developer: Relic Entertainment.  $29.99 Like the previous expansion for Dawn of War II, Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising, Dawn of War II: Retribution also promises to bring some new units and game play possibilities to the PC for hungry Warhammer 40k RTS gaming enthusiasts. The last time out, the Chaos-themed expansion pack, Chaos Rising, brought the Chaos Space Marines into the game for some multiplayer mayhem. They also played a role in the single-player campaign as well. This time out the Imperial Guard are being added and given the spotlight. In the way of single-player action the story is said to continue on where it left off in Chaos Rising. So you can still play the role of Blood Ravens chapter Space Marines, if you choose. However they plan to shake things up a little in Retribution, as it promises to allow you to play out a single-player campaign based on the race you select from the start....

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