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Posted on Jul 8, 2007 in Front Page Features, Tactics101

Tactics 101: 017 – Breaching Operations

By Rick Baillergeon and John Sutherland

Step 2 – Understand the Scheme of Maneuver for the Entire Operation.

Next, analyze the scheme of maneuver for the operation. Remember, a breach is not the objective. You must know: the main effort, maneuver axis, the objective etc…. Start from the mission’s objective and work back. This is the only way to set the conditions for success.


Step 3 – Template Enemy Obstacles.

Now, take your maneuver plan and begin placing in locations where the enemy could place obstacle belts to support his defense. If you have a doctrinally template use this and then adjust to the terrain. If you do not have a doctrinally template, put on your ‘red’ hat and decide where you would emplace obstacles. Templating these obstacles, enables you to focus reconnaissance assets to confirm or deny the existence of these systems. We will discuss later, what types of information you want your reconnaissance assets to gather. Locating these obstacles will allow you to move to the next step in planning.



Step 4 – Determine Type of Breach, and Estimate the Number of Lanes, and Width of Lanes to Support the Scheme of Maneuver.

If you find after step 3, that the obstacles you template are not overly complex you may conduct an in-stride breach. However, if they are more significant, you will execute a deliberate breach. In either case, you will then determine the number of lanes and width of the lanes you need to create. You will finalize this in step 6 of the process.



Step 5 – Determine the Assets you Require to Execute Step 4.

After analyzing what you need to accomplish, you must determine what it will take to accomplish it. This is where you calculate what it will take (breaching asset wise) to execute the breach. You may find you require additional assets to execute the breach. In that case, you could acquire these from your higher headquarters. If they are not available, then you will determine how to make it work with what you possess. You will do this in the next step.



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  1. Hello!!!! I am First Lieutenant Christian Mondine of Argentine Marines. I am in a military school and I need your help. you know same historical example of breaching operations in recent conflict or from the past because i am making a work Classroom. Thank you very much.