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Posted on Oct 21, 2007 in Electronic Games, Front Page Features

Star Trek Conquest Interview

By Ryan Stepalavich

ACG: A great number of titles are adopting the turn-based/real-time strategy hybrid. How does Conquest differentiate from that trend?

FA: I think what differentiates Conquest is that it is more of pick-up-and-play game. It’s a strategy-lite product with the option to simulate or take part in intense arcade battles. This should appeal to strategy gamers who don’t always have the time or desire to embark on epic campaigns, as well as arcade junkies who want a little more reason to be shooting everything in sight.

ACG: Why did Bethesda choose to forego multiplayer?

FA: We really wanted to focus on making the best single player experience we could.


ACG: How long has Conquest been in development?

FA: Development started in January 2007.

ACG: Are real-time battles in full 3d space, or on a 2d plane?

FA: 2D Plane. We wanted to keep the starship controls simple and arcade-like. A 2D plane was the best way to achieve this.

ACG: Are there environment effects (gravity wells, nebulas, etc) that effect gameplay?

FA: No.

ACG: [In the Stark Trek Universe] Each faction has its own diverse ship selection. Does Conquest follow this trend? Are there varied ship categories?

FA: Each race has a Scout, Cruiser, or Dreadnought class ship. Between races the shield configurations, hit points, handling, and weapons are varied. It is also possible for the player to research and upgrade elements of their starships from shield/hull strength to weapon recharge rates and power.

ACG: When can we look forward to Conquest?

FA: This Fall

ACG: What voice talent will be featured in Conquest?

There is [voice acting] in the game but Conquest does not feature any well-known Star Trek actors.


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