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Posted on Mar 14, 2014 in Stuff We Like

SPI Commercial from 1970s

By Brian King

Here is an interesting video introducing the hobby of Wargaming. Made in the 1970’s by SPI (Simulations Publications, Inc) it features many of the classic wargames of the day. Well worth a watch for those of us who have been playing these games for decades. For those new to the hobby, or don’t know the hobby, it is also a nice introduction to what its all about.


  1. I remember playing many of those games. While computers made them much easier I miss the old days of bending over the board with friends and playing a great game.

    • Third Reich & Russian Campaign were the best of them all. I can still remember my Russian defense setup that produced the greatest survival probabilities of any other Red Army defense I ever saw. Anyone interested?

  2. I remember my first wargame: Avalon Hill’s D-Day. That was around 1969-70. I was in sixth grade and bought it at the local hobby shop. The next one was Panzer Blitz. So long ago now.