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Posted on Jan 17, 2011 in Games PR

Slitherine Announces Time of Fury


Slitherine and Wastelands Interactive have announced a new game that will replicate supply, logistics, diplomacy, innovation, and significant use of terrain. 

Claiming to be "the definitive WWII wargame" the developers of Time of Wrath have created a game that will cover the Second World War in Europe called Time of Fury.  It will offer ground, air, and naval units.  Players can select an individual or group of nations to play, and will be able to compete against the AI or in Play-By-Email (PBEM) games.  PBEM games will be handled through Slitherine’s unique and successful PBEM matching engine. 

“We are proud to have signed this ambitious yet challenging and exciting project”, said Iain McNeil, Development Director of Slitherine. “There aren’t too many developers around that are able to deliver such high quality titles whilst keeping an eye to an ever developing market and Wastelands is one of these for sure”.


Beta testers for Time of Fury are currently being recruited at Slitherine’s main site at the following link:

Leszek Lisowski , Leader Designer at Wasteland Interactive said: “We are very excited about the ability to work with world leading publisher of strategy games. This gives us the opportunity to deliver this easy to learn and hard to master title to all those who value a deep historical setting and accessible gameplay combined with the possibility to modify almost every aspect of the game”.

Time of Fury will be available in spring on Slitherine and Matrix Games sites. For more information about the game, check out the official product page:



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