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Posted on Sep 22, 2011 in Games PR

Shrapnel Games Total Eclipse Beta Opens


Shrapnel Games is seeking beta testers for the upcoming tabletop role-playing game system, Total Eclipse and its fantasy module, Virdea. Developed by Disrupted Gears, this is a fresh take on the fantasy RPG genre, blending old school sensibility with new gaming goodness.

Total Eclipse has already been in play for many years, so unlike most beta tests expect to begin with an already solid foundation that has been tested extensively. An outsider’s perspective though is always desired and even needed, which is where you come in. Test Total Eclipse and Virdea for its ease of use, its enjoyability, its expandability. Essentially, have fun and don’t worry about the grind.
If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester for the game system you must meet the following requirements:

  • Need to have a group to play with. Can’t really solo this. The ideal Total Eclipse group is four players, but as with any RPG the gamemaster can tweak for his or her group.
  • This is a purely digital product and not available in dead tree form. You must be able to use PDFs. Additionally, since this is specifically formatted towards smart phones and tablet computers owning either or both of these devices is a big plus.
  • No set experience level. Whether you can’t tell the difference between a d12 and a d20, or you remember the days of the white box, it’s all fine. This is a very newbie friendly game system.

Beta testing duties will be to play the game and report on your results. Easy and fun enough work. Note, this will mean that you’ll have to do some of your own adventures, create characters, et cetera. Since Total Eclipse has been around for quite some time prior to official publication we do not anticipate a long beta period.

If you want to join in the beta test please respond in the Total Eclipse forum. If you have a smart phone or tablet let us know what model.

In the meantime all are welcome to join in the discussion of what will be one of the most revolutionary role-playing games to come onto the scene in a very long time. We just put up a forum and the author, Steve N. Jackson, along with some of his internal play testers will be available to talk shop. Learn about Total Eclipse, the Virdean campaign world, and more.