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Posted on Dec 2, 2010 in Games PR

Shrapnel Games’ 20 Days of Christmas


Forget twelve days of Christmas, not to mention leaping lords, swans, or a partridge family in a pear tree. Shrapnel Games wants to bring you twenty days of pre-Christmas that includes Bog Beasts, Shermans, Zorgs, and the odd Sumerian or two. So hark, ye old hairy angus, for from December 1st until December 20th you can experience significant savings on all released titles from Shrapnel Games. What say we look at what you can score this holiday season…

Bronze (on sale for $26.95): Not a simulation of Sunnydale’s favorite teen club, but rather a fast paced game of land conquest set during the birth of civilization. Fiendishly clever scenarios, along with survival and custom modes will keep you playing long after the ziggurats crumble to dust.

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (on sale for $21.95): Probing, a throbbing purple void, and sexy space chickens, what more could a young starship captain want? Discover the wonders, mysteries, and dangers of Sector Prime in under twenty minutes.


World Supremacy (on sale for $26.95): Who says it’s wrong to hate your neighbors? Blow them up with nukes and take their stuff in this game of global conquest. Tasty pretzels and cold beer not included.

War Plan Pacific (on sale for $35.95): Pacific is derived from Tepre Pacificum, meaning "peaceful sea". From 1941 until 1945 there was a Pacific War. Peaceful sea war? How ironic in an Alanis Morrisette kind of way. Refight the good fight in a single session in this game of grand strategy.

Enhanced winSPWW2 and Enhanced winSPMBT (each on sale for $35.95): Classic wargaming is not dead! Enjoy turn and hex based tactical combined arms wargaming with these two titles. winSPWW2 covers the years leading to the birth of blitzkrieg and the end of the Second World War while winSPMBT picks up from there until 2020.

BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity (on sale for $9.95): A game of hypnotic colors and mesmerizing music, BRAINPIPE will enter your mind like a Raspskorlizian spore slug, melting your synapses and turning your willpower to goo. In time the entire world will be nothing but slaves to the all mighty BRAINPIPE.

Battle Group Commander (on sale for $9.95): You’ve heard great things about the ProSIM lineup but you’re feeling a little shy about taking it too fast, too soon? Saddle up with some liquid courage courtesy of Battle Group Commander, a mini-game that features everything that makes the full ProSIM games great, but at a fraction of their size.

BCT Commander (on sale for $24.95): What came before the ATF and AATF line of ProSIM titles? Why, BCT Commander. Take control of a brigade combat team and experience real-time warfare around the world in this intense simulation of modern warfare.

Remote Assault (on sale for $9.95): Sci-fi real time strategy game of near future warfare. Boasts cool things like realistic ballistic trajectories and units that can suffer system destruction. Grab the physical copy for a great stocking stuffer and try the download version for yourself.

Air Command 3.0 (on sale for $34.95): Not all strategy games have to involve conquering nations or blowing tanks up. Here’s a strategy game in which the object is to avoid creating any havoc. Shocking, we know, but also a heck of a lot of fun. Experience the life of an air traffic controller in this gem of a game.

Dominions 3: The Awakening (on sale for $49.95): Still haven’t bought what is commonly known as the world’s greatest fantasy turn-based strategy game ever conceived? Look, you have a holiday vacation coming up. Your choice is either lots of egg nog and spending time with Aunt Martha, or learning how to kick ass with Ulm. We know what we’d choose.

Salvo! (on sale for $34.95): High adventure on the seas! Turn based tactical naval combat during the Age of Sail. Run out the guns! Prepare for boarding actions! Don’t give up the ship! And most importantly, hope that no one forgot to bring a case of limes on board.

Air Assault Task Force (on sale for $38.95): Death from above. Swoop down on the enemy in Vietnam, Somalia, and Afghanistan in the latest simulation of land warfare from the masters, ProSIM. A perfect blend of the urgency of real time gaming with the fidelity of serious wargaming.

ATF: Armored Task Force (on sale for $38.95): Heavy metal thunder. Rock the battlefield in this real time strategy simulation from ProSIM. Wail on the enemy with armor and artillery, plan your assaults from the single tank on up, and battle foes on battlefields around the world.

The Falklands War: 1982 (on sale for $39.95): ProSIM does history! Known primarily for survey style or hypothetical situation, ProSIM this time focuses their simulation mastery on the conflict between Great Britain and Argentina. As always, expect the best from these guys.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War (on sale for $37.95): Another ProSIM simulation, this time a hypothetical look at regime change on the Korean Peninsula in 2011. Of course, by the time this sale ends we may have to change it to a historical look.

Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa (on sale for $22.95): In the tabletop world anyone can step up to become the dungeonmaster, so why not in the virtual world? Part single-player Rogue-like, part adventuring toolkit, anyone can mod the game to their delight using nothing more than creativity and standard Windows programs.

Space HoRSE (on sale for $27.95): Just like Space Kittens, who wouldn’t want to have a Space HoRSE? Relive the glory days of 8-bit gaming in this homage to one of the greatest trading/business games on the computer.

The Star and the Crescent (on sale for $37.95): For anyone interested in exploring the Arab-Israeli conflict, The Star and the Crescent is a superb simulation by ProSIM on past and possible future battles. Featuring plenty of armor clashes and air to ground action, this is a very detailed look at contemporary warfare.

To visit the Shrapnel Games online store the Gamers Front, and start taking advantage of these great deals, please point your browser here.



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