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Posted on Jul 18, 2008 in Armchair Reading

September 2008 Play It!

By Armchair General

HARD CHOICES Napoleon at Waterloo 1815. Pit the Old Guard against the Thin Red Line in The Emperor Returns (Clash of Arms), Napoleon’s Last Battles (Decision Games), Napoleon’s Campaigns (AGEOD), Campaign Waterloo (HPS), John Tiller’s Battleground Napoleonic Wars (Matrix Games) or the classic Waterloo from Avalon Hill (the latter is OOP—Out of Print—unfortunately). You can play a free online game with Interactive Battle Simulator at


COMBAT! Desert Storm Tank Attack, 1991. Fend off Iraqi armor attacks with the finest tank in the world or find a way to defeat the M1 Abram’s Chobham armor with your T-72s! Test your desert war skills using Gulf War scenarios in Windows, Steel Panthers, Main Battle Tank (Shrapnel Games), Close Combat – Modern Tactics (Matrix Games), and Armored Task Force (ProSim).

YOU COMMAND Red Army Commander at Stalingrad, 1942. Make the rubble bounce as your troops fight their way building-by-building, or prepare your armor for enveloping counterattacks. Try Stalingrad: A Walk in Hell (Armchair General), "War of the Rats" scenario in ASL Starter Kit #1 (Multiman Publishing), Panzer Campaign’s "Stalingrad ’42" (HPS), and scenarios in East Front, John Tiller’s Campaign Series (Matrix). Two great but OOP titles are Stalingrad (Avalon Hill) and Streets of Stalingrad 3rd Edition (L2 Design Group).

WHAT NEXT, GENERAL? Manstein in Russia, 1943. Can you remain as unflappable as Erich von Manstein when facing hordes of Red tanks? Find out with Roads to Leningrad (GMT) or Panzer Campaign’s "Stalingrad ’42" (HPS). Von Manstein’s Backhand Blow (GMT) is OOP, unfortunately.



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