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Posted on Dec 2, 2010 in Admin

Sending Books and Games for Review

By Armchair General

Reviews that appear on the Website are handled by a different staff than the reviews that appear in the print magazine.

If your company has a boxed game, a book or DVD or downloadable game, email

1 Comment

  1. Hi
    I have sent you this email as I am unable to send one to the general contact email as the link is not working. It shows up on your site as please contact us at contact03 [{at}]

    I’d like to make a suggestion in regards to subscription labels. They are stuck on teh front cover of the magazine, generally close to the centre so som eof the cover picture is covered, and beacsue of the type of label it is, it cant be easily peeled off without ripping the cover underneath it.

    Is there any way to have the postage label stuck on the back of the magazine?

    This is quite annoying and takes away from my enjoyment of your product.

    Deep down I know that you’ll give me some excuse about the printing process and that it cant be done etc, however I feel that it’s not being done because of the advertisers. You would rather ruin the cover of a magazine rather than keep subscribers happy.

    At the very least can you change the label to a type that is easier to peel off?