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Posted on Jun 14, 2004 in Stuff We Like

Royal Navy Submarine Museum

Armchair General


OK, so the first picture isn’t an exhibit ? it’s a tower that sits not far from the museum and in the grounds of the old Naval base. This is the escape-training tower. Inside that tower is a 100ft deep cylinder of water. EVERY Submariner is required to train to learn how to escape from a Submarine at 20ft, 60ft and 100ft using this tower.

Here’s a display of some Crests from various Submarines down the years.

This is a Mk23 4 inch gun of the type that would be mounted on deck of an ?A’ Class Submarine as used in World War II.


A nice display of Submarine uniform badges from around the world.

This is a very sobering plaque listing HM Submarines lost since the service began. Three of these entries are POST World War II and all resulted from accidents on board.

This is a beautiful example of a German Biber class midget submarine from World War II.

The conning tower from HMS E17 ? an E-Class Submarine launched in 1915 and lost at sea in 1916 off the Dutch coast. It lay on the sea bed for 70 years until a Dutch diver discovered it. The conning tower has been here since 1996.

Some equipment from HMS Andrew. I had to put this here as the vessel shares my name!

A Weapon of Mass Destruction ? this is a Polaris missile.


This is DEFINITELY the highlight of any visit to the Submarine Museum.

HMS Alliance is an ?A’ Class Submarine ? designed in 1940 for operations in the Atlantic or Pacific. Although HMS Alliance herself did not see action in World War II (she was completed in 1947), there WERE ships of her class in action during that titanic conflict. HMS Alliance underwent a major refit and modification in 1960, hence the reason she looks more modern than her vintage.

You can see HMS Alliance for miles around. How come? Because she sits OUT of the water on massive concrete supports, as you can see here.

Here are some close-up shots. Firstly, the bow doors.

The conning tower.

The Propellers.

The best bit is that there are guided tours around the boar. Here’s a picture taken from the gantry leading up to the entrance door that’s been cut in the side of the hull.

Here’s a shot looking towards the bow from the exit door at the other end. Our tour was conducted by an ex-Submariner who had served on a sister ship of the Alliance .

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