11th Rifle Division

May 7, 2003

Before the war
June 14, 1941 Was transferring to Shedouva region (Lithuania)
The War
Front-line forces June,22.1941 - May 09.1945
June 22,1941 Partly in troop trains
June 1941 Had much losses in the first battles especially in artillery
July, 7 1941 Had only 4,000 men manpower

June 22, 1941
Command 11th Rifle Corps, 8th Army, Severo-Zapadnij (North-Western) front
Disposition Narva outskirts
  Transferred from Leningrad Command. From June 14 is concentrating in Shedouva region
Commander Gen.-Major N.A. Sokolov
163rd Rifle Regiment  
219th Rifle Regiment  
320th Rifle Regiment  
72nd Light Artillery Regiment  
539th Howitzer Regiment (till Oct. 5 1941)
11th Separate Anti-Tank Battalion (till Sep. 15.1941 and since Dec 231942), 33 Recon Company, 26th Field Engineering Battalion, 87th Separate Signals Battalion (87 Separate Signals Company), 94th Medical Battalion, 9th Separate Anti-Gas Company, 23rd Auto-Transport Battalion, 123rd Auto-Transport Company, 39th (13) Field Bakery, 87th  Veterinary Field Hospital, 111th Field Post Station, 186th Field Bank Department

June 1941 - July 1941 11th Rifle Corps 8th Army Severo-Zapadnij (North-Western) Front
July 1941 10th Rifle Corps 8th Army Severo-Zapadnij (North-Western) Front
July1941 8th Army Severo-Zapadnij (North-Western) Front
Aug.1941 110th Rifle Corps 8th Army Severo-Zapadnij (North-Western) Front
Sep. 1941 8th Army Leningrad Front
Oct. 1941 19th Rfl. Corps 8 Army Leningrad Front
Nov. 1941 8th Army Leningrad Front
Dec. 1941 - Jan. 1942 55th Army Leningrad Front
Feb 1942 - Apr. 1942 54th Army Leningrad Front
May 1942 - July 1942 54th Army Volkhovskiy Group of Leningrad Front
July 1942 - Aug 1942 54th Army Volkhovskij Front
Since Sep.1942 8th Army Volkhovskij Front

July 7.1940 - Sep. 21.1941 Gen. - Major N.A. Sokolov
Sep. 26.1941 - Mar. 4.1942 Gen.-Major V.I. Shcherbakov
Mar 5.1942 - Nov. 12.1942 Col. I.V. Gribov
Nov 12.1942 - Jan 17. 1943 Col. E.I. Marchenko
Jan 18.1943 - Mar 13 1943 Col. V.A. Verzhbitskij
Mar 14.1943 - July 10.1943 Col. A.P. Baraboshkin
July 11.1943 - May 9.1945 Col. V.I. Shkel