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Posted on Nov 14, 2008 in Stuff We Like

Revolutions, Atom Bombs, and Napoleonic Battles – Top Forums

By Jason St. Just

Revolutions: American vs. French

Why did the political struggle during France’s revolution lapse into a bloody civil war while America progressed much more structural and certainly with much less violence following its revolution? That’s the hotly debated question in the Wars and Warfare forum Revolutions: American vs French Revolution.

Many opinions hold that there can be no comparison because both nations were totally different politically, socially and economically to begin with. While the 13 colonies were more or less united in their goals to expel the British and their influence, the French were divided in their goals. The American objective was always clear: “No Taxation without Representation.” But in France the ultimate goals changed year by year: bread, a constitutional monarchy, the Republic, the General Will and Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. Although many claim that the American Revolution was obviously a success—the birth of the superpower we know today as the United States—many historians and scholars consider the French Revolution a failure. What’s your opinion?


Do U think it was a good idea to drop the Atomic Bombs on Japan to end WWII?
Let me invite you to join one of the most controversial discussions in our WWII forum. Do you think that it was militarily necessary for the U.S. to drop an A-bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

It’s a topic that’s been covered many times on TV, in magazines and in the papers, but now it’s ACG forum members’ turn to attempt to find an answer on a subject that has kept scholars divided for the last 50 years. Some argue that it did cause Japan to surrender, saving an untold number of lives of American, British Commonwealth and Japanese military personnel, as well as Japanese civilians, in a struggle that could’ve lasted many more months. Others disagree, considering it as nothing more than a war crime that cost thousands of innocent Japanese civilian lives for the purpose of showing America’s military might.

Napoleonic Era Most Decisive Battles

Time to get your best arguments out of the closet once again. The next round of the most decisive battles of the Napoleonic Era has already begun! Twelve battles are still in the arena to fight their way to Round Three. Perhaps your favorite is not among them anymore, or perhaps you possess some rather obscure knowledge that will sway the decision. ACG‘s forums now provide you the opportunity to learn more about this very interesting period of European history. Instead of just looking at the more famous battles of the era based on troop numbers or deaths, this forum looks at the battles that were strategically important or had far-reaching historical consequences. So load up your guns, resupply your ammo, fix your bayonet and join the fray!

To contribute your thoughts to the forums, you will need to register (no charge and we don’t spam our members; signup is required to allow us to monitor and maintain proper content). The instructions will walk you through. It’s a pretty simple process.