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Posted on Jun 21, 2006 in Electronic Games, Front Page Features

Airborne Assault: Conquest of the Aegean – Game Review (PC)

By Robert Mackey

The level of detail in COTA is astounding. Overlays, planning aids, and other ‘assistants’ give the game a distinct feel of realistic operational level combat. All I lacked was the smell of tent canvas and coffee, a large map with a plastic overlay, a handful of wax pencils, and the dull roar of radios in the background to have the entire realistic experience!

Attempting to delay the German advance in Greece. In this picture, a British Heavy Machine Gun Company is highlighted. Note the detail in the window to the left-unit morale, cohesion and individual numbers are tracked and play a huge role in determining fighting abilities. In the small center window, an example of the great detail available to the player is shown-even the slope of the river is noted!


Graphics in COTA were clear, easy to read and, most importantly, USEFUL. Colors actually mean something in the game—whether the current status of your units, locations of key terrain, or your units’ routes of movement.


Sound was functional, and the combat sounds were not overwhelming and added to the overall experience of the game.


Documentation and Technical

The on-disk documentation (as tested) was clear, concise, and easy to understand. The tutorial, at the minimum, should be printed off and kept to one’s side as an easy reference. The game itself functioned without a hitch, without crashes, or other experience-ruining events.

Armchair General Rating 95%

58/60 — Gameplay
18/20 — Graphics
08/10 — Sound
09/10 — Documentation and Technical

Pros: Excellent, fast paced, and accurate simulation of operational level combat during the era. The game is highly playable, easy to learn, with a reasonably challenging AI. Intuitive controls and a wealth of helpful information make COTA easy to dive into from the start.

Cons: Few, if any, bad sides to a well-crafted game. Should shine in multiplayer (Internet or Hot Seat) mode.

Bottom Line: An outstanding game with much historical depth, mixed with ease of play and a wealth of scenarios. A must buy for anyone interested in the theater, or looking for the closest experience to an operational level commander outside of the military.

Conquest of the Aegean home.

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