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Posted on Jun 20, 2004 in Electronic Games

Celtic Kings: Rage of War – Retro Review (PC)

Jim H. Moreno

Title screen

There’s no question that, in their time, the Roman Empire and its army were the greatest on Earth. But, did you know that they almost weren’t? That title may have been given to the Gauls (Celts), very early inRoman existence, when, in 390 B.C., the Celts lay siege to the capital of Rome. In the PC game Celtic Kings: Rage of Wars, you may recreate the struggles of the Celts and Romans against each other, and see how your armchair general skills fare with these armies.

Both sides have a well-rounded variety of soldiers that make up their army. In the Gauls corner (from left to right): a Hero, Viking Lord, swordsman, archer, axeman, spearman, woman warrior, horseman, and druid.


Fighting for the Romans (from left to right): a Hero, hastatus, archer, gladiator, principle, praetorian, liberatus, scout, and priest.

In the Adventure play mode, you take on the role of a young Celtic warrior named Larax, and guide him along as he seeks revenge on the Teuton raiders who destroyed his village, killing his beloved in the process.

The Adventure mode play is a rather linear affair, with you going from one exclamation point to another, doing various tasks to garner help from various characters.

There is another adventure available for download, where you take the deposed Prince Camelius and direct him back onto his rightful throne, reminiscent of the movie Ben-Hur. IMHO, much better than the other adventure.

Multiplayer is Celtic Kings’ best play mode. Here, my horsemen begin to take over an enemy village with a loud and thunderous battle cry, which the Gauls were well known for.

As history tell us, the Gauls existed off the lands, and lived in villages of farms and simple huts. In the game, mules are used to supply food and gold to other places, so protect your ass!

Again, as in history, the Romans’ architecture in the game shows their learned expertise.

In typical RTS fashion, you’ll have to protect your Hero (or heroes), while going about removing the fog of war, gathering villages and supplies under your care, and seeking out the enemy base for the final fight.

You’ll find various items of benefit around the battlefield. At the Stonehenge structure, druids (or priests) can perform rituals that affect the entire map.

Eventually, it’s gonna come down to who can get a force inside the foes’ main base and take over their town hall.Victory!

There were some perks to being Roman cavalry: "You. My quarters, at seven. You. Seven-thirty. And bring a friend."

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  1. I have a question how tobuy hastati when the enimies are in you base and no one have a healer to heal?


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