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Posted on Feb 8, 2006 in History News

Press Release: Great Invasions

Jim H. Moreno

Publisher Nobilis ( and Designer Philippe Thibaut (of Europa Universalis fame) announce this historical strategy game for the PC, with an expected March 2006 release date.

In these dark ages, nations will rise and fall along with new religions, peoples migrations and permanent onslaughts from hundreds of cruel invaders.

A clever mix of strategy and action, GREAT INVASIONS plunges you back into Europe of the Dark Ages, a time in history where hundreds of nations and barbarian tribes rush to assault the civilized world, from AD 350 (arrival of the Huns) to AD 1066 (conquest of England by the Normans).

In this multiplayer game, each participant will have the option and the heavy task to lead up to 10 different states simultaneously. Players will bid on new people to take their control and launch migrations, invasions and wars, from the reign of Attila’s Huns – the infamous "Scourge of God" – to the time of the bloody Vikings raids; all the while trying to forestall the decadence and fall of their other most advanced and civilized states.


The game also covers the spread of Christianity, as well as the birth and lightning expansion of Islam.

Original and varied, this strategic quest is played in real time. YOU must demonstrate your leadership and visionary qualities to bring your people to the dawn of the Middle Ages.

350-632 : time of the initial barbarian onslaught on the decadent Roman empire, from the arrival of Huns till the birth of Islam, and including the Byzantine revival and re-conquest of lost lands under Justinian.

632-843 : while the barbarian threat recedes in the West, the Muslim warriors burst out of the Arabian deserts. This is the age of Jihad, where the strength of Islam leads the Arabs to the almost complete conquest of the civilized world.

843-1066 : the last stage is that of the last wave of invasions, and particularly the Vikings attacks (culminating with the Battle of Hastings in 1066). That is also the time when Charlemagne’s empire crumbles and the rise of feudality, signalling the entry of Western Europe into the Middle Ages.

Game Features

A breathtaking Adventure: GREAT INVASIONS covers 3 periods from AD 350 to 1066 with over 10 scenarios and a Grand Campaign. Dozens of barbarians peoples, realms and empires to choose from, play and support among more than 160 nations, tribes and states of all sizes and forms represented in the game.

In the heart of History: a game designed in collaboration with historians including 150 historical events, many playable stratagems, and over 3700 of the most famous historical characters in those ages. GREAT INVASIONS is historically accurate to politics, economy, diplomacy, religion and art of war of that turbulent era.

An original game system: in addition to the usual border conflicts, you will have to deal with populations migrations and religious heresies, as well as the almost inevitable collapse of some realms due to nomadic hordes, Viking raids or even natural aging.

A nation bidding system, to allow players re-writing History over a different course, either in historically balanced or a more "free-for-all" mode.

An innovative approach, which allows for the first time to rule simultaneously from 5 to 10 realms and nations.

Deep and rich gameplay: as a leading statesman, you must play around with 4 game modes (diplomacy, administration/economy, religious and military). The large game map is a faithfull recreation of Europe in the Dark Ages, from Ireland to the Arabian peninsula, including many zoom levels and 4 different display modes.

A multiplayer mode: strive in hectic missions with up to 4 players in local network (LAN) or via the Internet.

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