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Posted on May 3, 2006 in Games PR

Press: New Assets for Rush for Berlin

Editorial Staff

New York, USA (May 3, 2006) – Paradox Interactive announced today the release of a brand new trailer for "Rush For Berlin". The company is turning up the heat to prepare players for what they will face from the upcoming release of this exciting and stylish WWII RTS from Stormregion. The trailer focuses on the actions of the German forces, transporting strategy gamers right to the center of action and whetting their appetite for conquest and glory in the hunt to be in control of the German capital.

The trailer is currently featured on Gamespot.

Players should also be aware that this is just a taste of what we have in store, with a lot more exciting aspects of the game to be revealed in the very near future, as time closes in on the release of the title this month. The official "Rush for Berlin" single-player demo, where players can play as Germany and explore several aspects of the game, is one example. It will be launching exclusively on Gamespot this Friday at 9 am PST. More information on this demo will be sent after its initial launch.


For more information on the North American launch of Rush for Berlin, please contact

About the Game

Top developer Stormregion is going one step further in this release. The 3D real-time strategy game Rush for Berlin depicts what might have happened if a new leadership had faced up to the advancing Allies and Russia, following Hitler’s removal from power. What if they had deployed the already developed super weapons?

Your first aim is to win the race for Berlin in 1944 – 1945. Playing on the side of the Americans, will you succeed in hoisting the US flag on the "Reichstag" before the Red Army? Prepare yourself for a visually luxurious strategy hit that focuses on the enjoyment of the game: tactical WWII war gaming full of fresh ideas. Officers have special abilities and acquire new skills at every level. And the time factor will be introduced as a resource in a game for the first time.

Paradox Interactive publishes the World War II title Rush for Berlin in the United States and Canada under license. The race begins, MAY 2006. For further information on the latest hit from the creators of Panzers, please visit Rush for Berlin.