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Posted on May 3, 2006 in Games PR

Press: Gary Grigsby’s World at War Version 1.2

Editorial Staff

Gary Grigsby’s World at War Version 1.2

Now Featuring TCP/IP Play and International Compatibility

Staten Island, NY, May 2nd, 2006 – Matrix Games ( today announced the release of a new official update for their World War 2 grand strategy war game, Gary Grigsby’s World at War.  The new version 1.20 is now available from the Matrix Games Website.  It is a major update that includes the addition of TCP/IP Play in addition to the existing Play by E-mail as well both European versions and North American versions compatible for multiplayer gaming.

In addition to TCP/IP Play and cross-compatibility, the update fixes dozens of minor bugs and makes dozens more improvements to the user interface.  In addition several rule changes improved the balance of the game, giving Germany more options and ways to achieve victory while tying up less resources garrisoning provinces.  Additionally the manual has been updated to reflect the many changes between the original release and this 1.20 update


Gary Grigsby’s World at War takes place in the Second World War and places you at the helm of one of five possible powers: The Western Allies, China, Russia, Germany, or Japan.  Command your army and coordinate your attacks.  Gain supplies, resources, and factories to fuel your war machine.  Manage your supplies and supply lines to ensure you have the resources necessary to capture territories and press your attacks.  Gary Grigsby’s World at War has been hailed as an elegant and accessible game design with adjustable realism and detail; where the difficulty can be tailored to your specific level and your opponents range from a challenging computer AI to up to four other human players.

Gary Grigsby’s World at War takes you through four World War II scenarios where five playable powers battle across thirty-eight different countries with fifteen different unit types.  Each unit type has up to fourteen attributes, which you can upgrade through careful research of new technology during the war.  The design covers everything from strategic movement to cold weather, nuclear weapons, special historical events and even managing supply lines in the advanced mode of the game.  Gary Grigsby’s World at War will make you a general in a day but keep you occupied year round.

For more information, check the main Gary Grigsby’s World at War page at and the main Matrix Games website at