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Posted on Jun 16, 2006 in Games PR

PR: WWII Online Celebrates 5 Yrs – Welcomes Back 1000’s

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"WWII Online" Celebrates 5 Years- Welcomes Back Thousands
Game’s history surpasses 125 million combat sorties and 61 million player casualties

Bedford , TX , June 16th, 2006 – The largest promotion in the 5-year history of the PvP-based MMOG, "WWII Online", is set to begin June 22nd to celebrate the game’s evolution and to thank players for supporting one of the longest-running MMOGs in the history of gaming.

The “Welcome Back Soldier” promotion will activate accounts of approximately 300,000 players for 14 days between June 22nd and July 6th. In addition, all former and current players who join the action during the promotion will be eligible for prizes such as t-shirts, drink coozies, free yearly subscriptions and more.


Playnet Inc. and its in-house development studio, Cornered Rat Software, launched "WWII Online: Blitzkrieg" in June of 2001 with follow-up retail releases, "Readers’ Choice Edition", "Macintosh Edition" and most recently, "Battleground Europe" in many European countries. The current version is available through direct download at or as a game-on-demand through Matrix Games ( )

"Its been a roller-coaster ride beginning with one of the earliest MMOG launches to growing and supporting a fiercely-loyal player community all the while trying to continue the innovative and unique approach to development that’s seen WWII Online stand alone as the ultimate PvP MMOG available", says Al "Rafter" Corey, Executive Producer for Playnet. "We’re so proud to stand up and say that we’re still here and thriving after 5 years. This promo is just a small way for us to say thank you to the thousands of players, past and present, who helped make it possible."

More details of the ‘Welcome Back Soldier’ promotion and how to get a 14-day free trial of "WWII Online: Battleground Europe" are available at .


June ’01

– "World War II Online- Blitzkrieg" launches with players fighting with and against thousands of others in combat infantry action and in command of one of dozens of accurately modeled WWII vehicles and aircraft.

– Game exceeds 5,000 concurrent users- most ever for a first-person shooter.

Sept ’01

– First naval combat vessels go live delivering first MMOG combined-arms virtual battlefield featuring land, sea and air units.

Jan ’01

– Winner of IGN’s "Readers Choice: Persistent World Game of the Year" beating out "Dark Age of Camelot".

– Winner of GameSpy’s "Gamers Choice: Sim of the Year" beating out "Microsoft Flight Simulator".

June ’02

– "World War II Online- Readers’ Choice Edition" released.

– "World War II Online- Macintosh Edition" released.

Feb ’03

– "Channel Dash", a two-day special event ends, delivering first ever MMOG naval battle with 1,040 sorties completed and 590 player casualties.

May ’03

– Bomber aircraft added signaling strategic bombing against enemy factories tied to research, development and production of in-game combat units.

– Delivery of 21st weapon class/type bringing the total of player-controlled weapons & vehicles above 80.

Sept ’03

– "World War II Online" surpasses 150,000 registered users.

– Local language support added featuring French, German, Spanish and Italian.

– First recorded complete Allied vs Axis campaign ends in Allied victory. 2,708,424 combat sorties completed with 1,410,973 player casualties.

Jan ’04

– "Combat Stats & Records" feature added providing detailed historical player and combat statistics. 4,152,910 entries recorded in first 24 hours.

– Additions to game terrain now include 36,546 strategic objects such as buildings, bunkers and bridges placed among 4,090 facilities in 445 cities and towns. Largest MMOG environment measuring 354,889 square miles.

Mar ’04

– Game environment update includes new special effects system and the addition of more than 4 million 3D trees and bushes to game world.

Jun ’04

– Longest Axis vs Allied campaign ends in Axis victory after 87 days. 5,928,585 combat sorties completed with 2,683,128 player casualties.

Dec ’04

– Airborne Infantry added. These specialized paratroop units board, ride and parachute from new transport aircraft assaulting enemy positions or supporting troops under attack. 3,800 paratrooper sorties recorded in first 8 hours of availability.

October ’05

– Brigade structure integrated adding player-run Divisions and Brigades bringing a new level of tactical and strategic realism to the virtual battlefield

Dec ’05

– Fulfilling long time request by players, snipers are added to infantry class bringing the total of player-controlled weapons & vehicles above 100.

– "Battleground Europe" retail release makes game available in Europe for the first time.

June ’06

– "World War II Online: Battleground Europe" surpasses 350,000 registered users.

– Historical totals equal 125 million combat sorties with player casualties exceeding 61 million.