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Posted on May 8, 2007 in Games PR

PR: winSPWW2 Version 2.5 Patch Available!

Armchair General

Hampstead, NC, 08 May 2007

The Camo Workshop and Shrapnel Games would like to report that a new patch for winSPWW2 is now available for immediate download from Shrapnel Games. The patch, only about 2 MB in size, upgrades all versions of winSPWW2 to version 2.5.

While small in size the patch addresses several important issues, which are:

  • 36 Updated OOB files
  • Upgraded ScenHack
  • There was a problem in the game campaign code affecting some players that would prevent them from deleting a campaign core formation after purchase. This has been fixed.
  • A bug in ScenHack would prevent players from loading scenarios made with version 2.0. Fixed.
  • The OOB changes are mainly the result of correcting discrepancies between some weapons and units in the various OOB’s that use them. All OOB’s were then put through the cost calculator once again to ensure uniformity .
  • Smoke shells will only be issued to land based 60mm – 159mm caliber artillery and mortar units. Rockets will not have smoke issued except for the German Nebelwerfer 41 15cm rockets.

The version 2.5 patch may be downloaded from the following link:


winSPWW2 is a tactical system covering combined arms combat between the years 1930 and 1946. Featuring both historical and hypothetical engagements, winSPWW2 uses the classic SSI game, Steel Panthers 2, as a foundation to create one of the most detailed and intense gaming experiences on your PC.

Longtime wargamers will appreciate gameplay reminiscent of the best boardgames, with the time-honored use of hexes and turn based play. No real-time clickfest here! Fans of historical simulations in general will love the robust elements found in winSPWW2, such as literally hundreds of individual scenarios to choose from, and a number of scripted long campaigns. winSPWW2 also fully supports multiplayer for two players, either through single-computer hotseat play or via e-mail.

winSPWW2 is available as a FREE download or a purchasable Enhanced CD edition. In both cases the core game remains the same. The free download includes all the scenarios of the Enhanced CD edition, supports multiplayer, and is fully supported. The Enhanced CD edition is just that, providing gamers with a number of enhancements to their core gameplay experience. Owners of the Enhanced CD edition can play the game in resolutions up to 1600×1200, a map editor that supports creating small maps easily out of one large mapfield, 250 secure PBEM slots, encyclopedic sorting, and the ScenHack and CampaignHack utilities.