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Posted on Mar 12, 2007 in Games PR

PR: winSPWW2 v.2.0 Available

Armchair General

Like a HESH round to your PC: winSPWW2 v.2.0 Available!
Feature Laden Upgrade Patch for Hit Tactical Title!

Hampstead, NC, 12 March 2007

At the end of January the Camo Workshop unleashed their version 3.0 upgrade patch for winSPMBT, and lo, it was good. And now the Camo Workshop has turned their attention on winSPWW2 and has readied an upgrade for that title with a kampfgruppe worth of features, fixes, and enhancements. As usual, more than just a patch, this is a total upgrade that no winSPWW2 player will want to do without.

The upgrade patch brings winSPWW2 up to version 2.0 and includes the following elements:

  • 13 New scenarios
  • 2 Updated scenarios previously available
  • 15 Brand new maps
  • 14 Updated leader names (file)
  • 29 Updated ranks (file)
  • 75 Icons, both completely new and those revised
  • 143 New photos
  • 36 Updated OOB files
  • The Cost Calculator, CamoMapEditor, MOBHack, and ScenHack have all be upgraded

In addition to the features listed above the upgrade patch also includes:

  • Artillery priority hexes are now issued based on the type of battle and the number of forward observers (along with the equipment of the FOs).
  • Retreat/rally hexes have been added.
  • For those owning the Enhanced CD version of the game Opfire filtering has been added. Yet another reason to upgrade to the Enhanced CD version!
  • HEAT ammo has a secondary HE ability now. Units will reserve the last four HEAT rounds for anti-tank attacks, and are more reluctant to fire HEAT/HE against soft targets in reaction fire.
  • All Panzerfaust type weapons have had their HE ammo removed to conform to the above modification in ammo types.
  • A "View All" button has been added, allowing the user to check to see what a unit can see in all six directions at once.
  • Maximum game points are now at 65,000 for all games.
  • Infantry and vehicles can now enter -1 water hexes.
  • Fixed the bug with the "Next" and "First" buttons overlapping when displaying unit formations with more than two pages of units.
  • Fixed hex info not being shown in the bombardment screen after the unit info was accessed.
  • Nationalist and Communist Chinese will fight each other AND the Japanese.  From May ’45 onwards their will only fight each other (or those within their own group).
  • Fixed the bug in the Long Campaigns where the AI was not buying mines on the defense.
  • Many more tweaks, fiddles, and adjustments!

The upgrade patch works with both the FREE, downloadable version of winSPWW2 and the Enhanced CD edition, although some features are only available to owners of the Enhanced CD edition. Don’t own the Enhanced CD version? You’re missing out on quite a bit!

Enhanced CD edition owners gain some really great features, like playing at a much higher resolution (like 1600×1200, a thing of beauty to behold), more intense map editing capabilities, more secure PBEM slots, encyclopedic sorting abilities, and more.

To download the upgrade version 2.0 patch point your browser to:

winSPWW2, beloved by fans and critics alike, is the latest version of what began as a super-mod for the classic SSI title, Steel Panthers 2. Featuring rich tactical gameplay, winSPWW2 is the perfect blend of old school turn based/hex driven wargaming and modern computing power. Completely rewritten from the base up, winSPWW2 is chock full of details the most demanding grognard wants from their games, thanks to the possibilities of modern machines.

Covering combined arms warfare from 1930 until 1946 winSPWW2 has literally hundreds of scenarios to play, dozens of nations, and enough gameplay to keep you gaming until your hard drive melts from overuse. Play against the computer or play against a friend, winSPWW2 covers you any way you want to play. And don’t forget, you don’t even have to pay for it!

winSPWW2 can be downloaded for FREE or purchased as an Enhanced CD for only $39.95, with all the benefits that provides. You can find out more about winSPWW2, or its sister game covering warfare from ’46 until 2020, winSPMBT, at