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Posted on Jun 12, 2006 in Games PR

PR: winSPWW2 Launches Its Worldwide Assault!

Armchair General

Hampstead, NC, 08 June 2005 — The day the world has been waiting for is upon us!  Celebrate the week of D-Day with The Camo Workshop and Shrapnel Games, as we proudly announce that the winSPWW2 Enhanced CD version will begin shipping Friday, June 9th!  Yes, the greatest generation of Steel Panthers will be marching on your hard drive and declaring victory in no time at all!

winSPWW2 is the premiere super-mod for the much loved Steel Panthers system, although even calling it a super-mod barely scratches the surface.
Rebuilt from the rivets on up, winSPWW2 is the ultimate example of what happens when a group of dedicated fans get together to enhance their favorite game.

While words like "realistic", "intense", and "accurate" are all easily used in the same sentence as winSPWW2, you’ll also have no problem using words like "addictive" and "amazing" in the same breath.  Featuring combined arms tactical combat spanning the years 1930 until 1946, winSPWW2 is a turn-based sandbox of global conflict.  With practically every single piece of important equipment represented, gamers will find limitless possibilities within winSPWW2.


As can be deduced from the game’s name, winSPWW2 is available for Windows platforms.  The game is available as both a FREE download, and the Enhanced CD edition that starts shipping tomorrow.  The Enhanced CD edition includes the FREE, full game, but includes a whole kampfgruppe of extras for the serious player.
These extras include:

*  Higher resolutions than the download version.  Play up to a 1600×1200 rez.

*  A cut and paste map editor to generate sub-scenarios from one large master map.

*  A printed quick-start guide.

*  250 secure PBEM save game slots for tournament play.

*  Encyclopedic sorting ability.

*  ScenHack and CampaignHack, utilities to manipulate scenarios and convert old DOS campaigns, respectively.

Between the sheer beauty of winSPWW2 played at higher resolutions, and the flexibility offered to scenario designers, the Enhanced CD edition is a must have!

Haven’t ordered it?  Move to it, soldier!

To order the Enhanced CD edition of winSPWW2 for only $39.95 please visit the Shrapnel Games’ e-store, the Gamers Front at:

And while you’re waiting for your copy to arrive be sure to download the complete version of winSPWW2 (minus all the cool extras mentioned above) here.