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Posted on Oct 11, 2007 in Games PR

PR: War Testers Wanted

Armchair General

Beta Testers wanted for upcoming Napoleonic wargame Histwar: Les Grognards

Histwar: Les Grognards, the truly epic wargame by Jean-Michel Mathé, is nearing completion after nearly 10 years of research and development! Histwar: Les Grognards brings to life the pageantry, savagery and brilliance of the Napoleonic era like no other wargame before, putting you in charge of a Napoleonic army on the battlefields of the early 19th century (1805-1814). From its innovative three tiered AI system, the overwhelming level of editing and customization, its unflinching depiction of period combat in gloriously detailed 3D brilliance, and it’s wealth of historical knowledge and accuracy Histwar: Les Grognards is going to be in every way the bleeding edge of Napoleonic combat simulation.


The game is entering the final beta stage this month and is looking for skilled beta testers to help with putting the finishing touches on what is going to be without a doubt the new reference wargame for Napoleonic buffs. Only a handful of people will be selected for this closed beta. Applicants should at least: 

*        have participated in one beta test before
*        have knowledge about the Napoleonic military era and wargaming
*        be available for the next 3 months
*        have a good internet connection and be willing and able to download large files regularly  

Interested? Send an application email to including your detailed PC specifications. If you have more than one PC, even better! Beta testing is voluntary and there is no payment.